The art of modern motherhood.

January Moon has created the world’s first wearable art for mother and baby utilizing innovative textures, contemporary shapes and a rich color palette. While conventional teething jewelry is primarily focused on providing a child-friendly aesthetic, we are driven by the desire to introduce a markedly elevated sense of style into the maternal marketplace. Each piece is thoughtfully and beautifully crafted with the highest quality materials to offer little ones unyielding safety and solace during the most tender of times. A celebration of form, function, and family, January Moon enables women to maintain their personal style while celebrating their new phase in life.


Our Story

In January of 2014, Nashville-based visual artist and jewelry designer, Jennifer Luckett, gave birth to an unabashedly feisty baby boy named Shepard. Busy and brawny from the beginning, it became clear that anything that belonged to Jenny also belonged to him. Accessories were no exception. 

Tired of watching her favorite necklaces fall victim to Shepard’s wild curiosity and unable to find a product that satisfied her own, January Moon was born. It was conceived by a momma maker over many moon-filled nights with a tender gummed baby at her bosom. Inspired by the creativity of the child, the textures, colors and shapes of nature, and the arresting beauty of the bond between mother and baby, Jenny wove together her modern aesthetic as artist, her understanding of fine craftsmanship as designer, and her knowledge as mother, to produce a unique, exquisitely fabricated line of teething wares.


Meet Jenny

California-born Jennifer Luckett’s world is colored with art, adventure and enterprise. Equally moved by the hardwood forests of the Smokey Mountains and the walls of the MoMA, Jenny draws inspiration from the beautiful things, big and small, that surround her. After working in every corner of the art industry from face paint to fine galleries, she landed at the side of acclaimed jewelry designer, Judith Bright. It was under Judith’s mentorship where Jenny sharpened her abilities as an artisan and developed a keen understanding for the feel, balance, and composition of upmarket jewelry. If you need to find her, she’s either by the campfire, in the kitchen, or running approximately thirty paces behind her tornadic son Shepard with her wonderful husband, Mike by her side. On second thought, just follow the happy voices.