Happy Valentine's Mama


13 years ago I fell in love. Not with my husband, Mike--that all happened a little bit later. 13 years ago I fell in love with Nashville. According to my parents, as soon as I could walk, I started travelling, exploring everything from the biggest skies to the tiniest crevices of this world. It has been one of my life’s greatest joys and something I continue to share with my family. I think the true prize in wandering though, is finding a place you can’t bring yourself to leave, a place that gets to be home. I’m not exactly sure what it was about Nashville. It could have been the shocking green of everything, or the fact that the air smells like barbeque and night jasmine all summer long, but as soon as I set foot in this bright, beautiful, unassuming place, fresh from college and completely overwhelmed, I knew I’d stumbled upon a jewel.

Nashville has been more than the backdrop for my adult life. It has been as much a character in my ongoing love story as the people in it. I met my kind, wonderful husband here. We found our little pink house here with the poor fire pit used so often and faithfully that nothing will be able to grow there for at least a hundred years, and of course, I had my son here. Shep reminds me every day as he rips around the park, kicking up clumps of turf like a racehorse, that we are home. Nashville has given me so much of what I hold dear. I feel so lucky to have my family and my business, which might not exist without all of those showy Tennessee moons, growing up together in this special place.

Since Valentine’s Day is inching closer, I’d like to share some of my very favorite Nashville gift picks with you. I can’t imagine a better way to say “I love you (or y’all)” this February than with a tiny slice of this magnificent town.

xo, Jenny


Jenny’s Gift Picks

Morton and Mabel: Kimono Top
This stunning kimono top from M&M’s SHE collection is every modern mama’s dream come true. It is breezy enough to withstand a whirl around the playground but refined enough for adult playtime too.

Poppy and Monroe: Mani Pedi
Poppy and Monroe is hands down, my favorite local salon. A manicure and pedicure from this all-natural, eco-conscious spot is the perfect gift for an expectant mama who is in need of some safe, soothing pampering.

H & Clark: Leather Bag
I don’t know where I would be without my trusty Holden Tote. It’s big enough and tough enough to serve as a super stylish diaper bag and handsome enough that you’ll always want to have it on your arm.

FLWR Shop: Classes and FLWR Club
I am such a sucker for a nice set of stems! FLWR Shop is my go-to destination to turn an ugly day into a beautiful one. If you’re a local and looking for something more unexpected than a bouquet, they also have flower arranging classes and monthly subscription packages.

Two Son: Incense Holder and Incense
There is nothing sweeter than an outstretched hand. This beautiful vessel is, you guessed it, handcrafted, and absolutely perfect for anyone who loves a truly thoughtful treasure. Pick up some enchanting Incausa White Sage incense to go with it! 

January Moon: Maroon Necklace
While I love festive pinks and reds on Valentine’s Day, what I love even more is a subtle, sophisticated nod to Cupid. Our Maroon necklace is the perfect mix of red wine and chocolate, a refined, rich approach to romance. 

Jenny Luckett