New Friends

Greetings from my parents' living room in bright, beautiful California!

This past weekend was BUSY, filled to the brim with family, food, and foraging for Easter treats. Today, I am pausing to take a deep breath--something that sounds much more comfortable than it actually is when you’re in the third trimester and nursing the kind of sugar hangover that comes with unrestricted Peep and Mini Egg access. 

While Shep is taking a much needed nap and my Mom is whipping around the kitchen with my Aunties prepping for a delicious dinner, I find myself taking a step back, relaxing on my childhood sofa and thinking about how far my dear January Moon has come.

The past six months of life have been all about moving forward. There have been lots of first steps, lots of next steps and lots of steps mapped out deep into the future. But probably not enough time for reflection. It has been more hectic, exciting, harrowing, exhausting and deeply rewarding than I ever could have dreamed, and I truly could not do any of it without a mountain of support.

I am full of love and gratitude for all of you wonderful people who have embraced January Moon and allowed us to play a small supporting role in some of your first moments of motherhood. As I sit here smiling through my heartburn at my belly and knowing how precious these little ones of ours are, your business really is the most incredible honor I can think of. 

Our brilliant family of retail partners and press champions continues to grow, providing me with inspiration and encouragement that on some days, when I’m low on sleep and have caught whatever curious pre-school bug Shep has brought home, I really do need. Seeing January Moon standing tall next to brands I respect and in boutiques I admire is nothing short of exhilarating and every time I get a shout out from a magazine or blog I am reminded that I am doing meaningful, important work. None of this is getting old and I can’t imagine that it will, a good thing since there is still much work ahead of us.

I’d like to introduce you to some of my new friends and give them a giant internet hug for loving January Moon so well.



Meet Our New Retail Partners:

Arcade Kids
2106-b Acklen Avenue, Nashville, TN, (615) 928-7660

Mapamundi Kids
1306 Castro Street, San Francisco CA, (415) 641-6192

Half Pint Shop
3756 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, Illinois, (414) 737-8267


Find Us Online: 

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