The art of modern motherhood.

The early days of parenthood place countless demands on a new mother but her style doesn’t have to be one of them. January Moon’s combination of function and high design offer mom and baby fine modern jewelry that they can both sink their teeth into.

The time an infant spends in mama’s arms is precious, and it can have a long lasting positive impact on their cognitive and emotional development. Our innovative textures, rich color palette, and contemporary shapes encourage these crucial cuddles by giving baby an endlessly engaging teething experience and giving mom something she actually wants to wear. 

Each element is thoughtfully and beautifully crafted with the highest quality materials to provide little ones with unyielding safety and parents with peace of mind. A celebration of form, function, and family, January Moon enables women to celebrate their personal style while enriching their baby’s development.



Our Story

In January of 2014, Nashville-based visual artist and jewelry designer, Jennifer Luckett, gave birth to an unabashedly feisty baby boy named Shepard. Busy and brawny from the beginning, it became clear that anything that belonged to Jenny also belonged to him. Accessories were no exception. 

Shep chewed, stretched, snapped, and swatted any and every piece of jewelry that he could get his hands on. Before long, his mom’s prized collection was reduced to bits of scrap metal and loose beads. Conventional teething jewelry with its tired pastels and uniform textures did little to satisfy mama or baby’s discriminating tastes, so Jenny was left with a choice: give up on jewelry or make it better. January Moon was conceived over many fussy, moonlit nights, aspiring to create modern, art-minded teething necklaces that keep up baby’s strength and mom’s style.

Inspired by the creativity of the child, the textures, colors and shapes of nature, and the singular bond between mother and baby, Jenny wove together her modern aesthetic as artist, her understanding of fine craftsmanship as designer, and her knowledge as mother, to produce a unique, exquisitely fabricated line of teething wares.



Meet Jenny

Jenny Luckett is a mother, artist, and adventurer living in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, Mike, son, Shepard, and daughter, Delaney Bee. After working in every corner of the art industry from face painting booths to fine galleries, Jenny landed in workroom of acclaimed jewelry designer Judith Bright, where she fell in love with the craft. In 2015, baby Shep “suggested” she start January Moon by gleefully destroying all of her fine jewelry and uncovering a void in the market for high-end, modern jewelry tough enough for motherhood.