Keychains Are Here!


I have a major confession to make: I don’t always wear my jewelry. If I’m at the park or running around town in my almost-pajamas I’m more often than not half-asleep, painfully un-accessorized, and ten minutes behind schedule. I do, however, always remember to wear my Delaney Bee and in case you didn’t know, wearing a baby can absolve a person of almost any fashion sin. Until recently, leaving the house with nothing except for my baby, my stretchy pants, and my coffee breath was no big deal, but she started teething and if I don’t have something for her to gnaw on, she ain’t afraid to let the world know about it.


Two weeks ago, when we were in the longest line in the world history of groceries, my sweet little lamb of a baby very quickly became a seething teething banshee. She ripped out her bow, stuck her fist in her mouth, and unleashed a scream they could hear all the way in aisle 14. The only thing I had to offer her were my car keys, she promptly stuffed them in her face and glared at me for leaving her necklaces at home. The peace lasted for approximately four minutes. As we passed the tabloids and chewing gum, I began to think we were home free, but that would be too easy--enter the familiar beep-beep-beeping of my car alarm and one very proud baby girl. Not all was lost though. I bought 2 lbs of coffee, AND I had an idea for an unforgettable product that is actually impossible to forget: chewable keychains!


The next day, I raided my boxes of beads and came up with my first design. I attached it to my still drooly car keys, and now I always have a little something to soothe Delaney's tender gums and keep her busy on the go. Our keychain collection is affordable, modern and oh-so mighty. Aside from the fact that our newest treasures offer teething babies a little something that’s a little safer than the keys to the Subaru, they are also great for anyone looking to customize a diaper bag, briefcase, or purse. The unique texture makes finding keys in the bottom of that tote mom brain-proof, AND you’ll be glad to know if the inside of your purse is anything like mine, cleaning these good luck charms is easy as can be.


I never thought I’d say this, but I am so, so happy that Miss Delaney had the gumption to put on her best horror show at Kroger. Shep basically created January Moon and now his baby sister is expanding our product line. Ain’t life funny?! If only I could teach them how to run Excel …


Jenny Luckett