Pack Your Bags ... Perfectly

Everybody deals with anxiety differently: some people meditate, some people knit, some (truly mad) people even lace up their sneakers and go for a long, sweaty run. I deal with stress by organizing. Ferociously.

On the outside, I’m a carefree Californian, but on the inside, there is a raging Type-A monster that likes to rear its perfectly symmetrical head when my nerves arrive. Guess what? The nerves are officially here.

Miss Delaney is slated to make her grand entrance in a few short weeks, and it’s all starting to hit me. Our lives are about to change forever, and much to my chagrin, there is only so much preparing we can do. Luckily, I’ve saved my favorite task until the very end: the hospital bag.

I’ve been responsible for a number of organizational coups in my day (you should see my Tupperware drawer. Lids for days!), but y’all, this hospital bag might just be my magnum opus. I’ve stocked it with all of my favorite goodies, and I’d love for you to take a look inside!

H. & Clark, Holden Tote in Whiskey
Oh Holden Tote, I have sung your praises before, and I’m about to do it again. This bag is flat out one of the best investments I have ever made, and it goes with me everywhere, including the delivery room.

Sakura Bloom, Classic Sling in Sundown
There is nothing I like to wear more than a baby, and this summery sunset inspired Sakura Bloom sling will keep Delaney and I close right from the start.

doTERRA Essential Oil Blends by Oily Babies
My friends at Oily Babies take such good care of me! I’m a relatively new passenger on the oil train, so they’ve hooked me up with some handy and heavenly blends to help this rookie breathe through the labor process. My name twin, Jennifer, at Oily Babies swears by this combo:

Labor Pain Blend
10ml glass roller bottle
20 drops basil or black pepper
Fill to the top with fractionated coconut oil and roll on low back and hips during labor as painful contractions persist

*She recommends that you always do a skin test before use to be sure that you don't have any sensitivities. In the event of a reaction she suggests that you wash over the area repeatedly with a carrier oil, not water.

Little Seed Farm, Expecting Mama Gift Set
I may not be “expecting” for that much longer, but I’ll be a fan of Little Seed Farm goodies for life. Their botanical butter, elasticity serum, and rosemary mint scrub bar (That smell!!!) have kept my bump in fighting form, and I’m definitely keeping them in my arsenal post-partum.

Dwell + Slumber, Cozy Ella Robe
As cute as those hospital gowns are, I think I might just go ahead and slip into this floral caftan after the big event. The Ella robe is as mama friendly as it is easy on the eyes with snap button front closures for easy nursing access. It even has hidden pockets (super important since I’ll have my hands full). 

January Moon Teething Necklace in Maroon
Miss Delaney’s gums won’t need soothing quite yet, but when I’m looking for something to grab onto when the going gets tough and contractions get going, my sturdy beads provide just the right amount of resistance for stress relief. Mike’s hands can only take so much!  

I can’t believe she’s almost here. Keep sending that good juju my way, friends!


Jenny Luckett