My January Moon

My dearest Shepard turned 3 this past weekend. We celebrated with good friends, strong coffee, and more donuts than a dozen toddlers should ever have access to. It was an incredible party for an incredible boy.

I am so thankful for the person Shepard is becoming and I would not change a hair on his head. He is kind-hearted, joyful, fearless, and compassionate.

Except for the days when he’s not any of those lovely things. My boy is incredible but incredible is not always easy.

For all of the sweetness and wonder he has brought into my world, he can conversely be fiery, rowdy, and flat-out demanding. As I write this, he is pouting, pressing not just his nose but his entire body against the freshly cleaned glass of the back door.

Even though he is currently on the brink of a threenager meltdown, I can’t help but think of how thankful I also am for the more challenging facets of his personality.

The truth is, without Shep’s ferocious spirit, there would be no January Moon.

Without his roving imagination, I wouldn’t have had to design inimitable, captivating combinations of color and shape.

Without his busy, sometimes brutish hands, I wouldn’t have been determined to make the most durable product on the market.

Without the delicate, aching gums that kept us up all night, I wouldn’t have scoured the globe (literally!) for superior, thoughtfully constructed materials.

If Shepard hadn’t asked so much of me, I wouldn’t have asked so much of myself and of this company that I love so much.

So, Sheppy–my little January Moon–thank you for desperation that lead to the inspiration and all of the rest in between. I love you from one end of your wild, ever-changing rainbow to the next.

Also–I’d like to send a big thank you to the beautiful and talented Andie Lou for writing and performing such a touching tribute and to all my friends for letting their adorable children run around in the video shoot. It was a perfect morning!

Jenny Luckett