DIY Sensory Necklace Kits Are Here!

I’m so excited to announce the release of our DIY SENSORY NECKLACE KITS. The Rainbow kits bursts with our most beloved colorful bead shapes and textures. Each kit contains materials for up to two necklaces, including a curated collection of our 100% non-toxic silicone beads, colorful rope, pre-threaded clasps, and

JM Journeys: Meet Lindsey and Aure

In 2020, Lindsey Stewart Sherrod moved to Scotland and began studying at the Glasgow School of Art. Soon after the move, she and her husband Andy welcomed their first born, Aure. This is her JM journey.

Mayflower for Mother’s Day

Our latest release, Mayflower, is inspired by this feeling, by the end of winter and the abundance of spring, the hope of a new season spent together, and the wonder of a love that to me, can only be called motherhood.

We’re REAL Excited About Real Simple

Real Simple’s magazine’s 46 Best Gifts for New Moms of 2023 resource is out and we’re so excited to share that JM made the list.

Hello Rainbow Sensory Collection!

Up to 16% of children may be affected by Sensory Processing Disorder and as someone with a bit of personal experience, I really wanted to create something to show solidarity, help support kiddos through the stress of the school day, and maybe save a few of those pencil ends.

MAD About Jewelry 2022 is a Wrap

Designing for the show was nothing short of life-giving. It stretched my imagination, made me fall back in love with my materials, and opened my mind to a new kind of customer. It brought me the most wonderful sense of freedom and I’m so grateful.

Adventure is Calling!

Made with a double layer of rope and our custom, silicone beads, Adventure takes me right back to summer camp, spending all day outside weaving crazy colorful friendship bracelets for my besties, taking the kayak out by myself for the first time, feeling like the future was a billion shades

Introducing the Shapes Collection

The Shapes collection aims to capture the unexpected sense of curiosity we all stumbled upon that evening and serve as a reminder to look a little deeper and closer at the forms and finer details in our environment. Admittedly, as a designer, I can get hung up on color, but

The Making of Mesa

Mesa is my best attempt at the impossible, capturing the miracle of falling in love with the world again. I hope it reminds you of the wilderness and wonder that await and when you meet them. If you’re consumed with worry like I was, I hope that soon you’ll be

Introducing the Adventure Bracelet

The Adventure Bracelet is rugged, modern, ultra-wearable, and ready for anything. It can keep up with you whether you’re fishing for bass or change in your cup holders. A trio of custom silicone beads in charcoal provides excellent sensory support and the Japanese twill rope adjusts easily for a personalized

Meet the Moonbow Necklace Set

Our newest Mama + Mini Necklace Set, “Moonbow” is inspired by the magic shared between mothers and daughters, the moments of awe and wonder that begin before baby even arrives, and only continue to grow as she does.

Meet the Balance Collection

The Balance collection is a reflection of that newfound and totally unexpected sense of freedom. It’s curious and colorful. It doesn’t abide by the rules of symmetry and joyfully, just goes with the flow.

To Wean or Not To Wean?

At first, quarantine seemed like the perfect time to put down the paci. We would be home to offer her comfort when she needed it and shower her with praise (which she LOVES) when she was able to go paci-free. Just as we started out, we stopped.

Back to Nature: Meet Spring 2020

Against all odds, spring has arrived! I’ve been yearning for familiar places, people, and routines over the past few weeks. But I have discovered so many other beautiful things to fill that void.

COVID-19, January Moon, and YOU

Our mission remains the same, to support the health and happiness of YOUR families. Jenny shares additional safety practices that January Moon has implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Handle with Care

Keep comfort close-by and clean with one of our mini, paci, or teether clips. Even in the best of times, making sure pacis, toys, and utensils stay clean is no easy task. Our clips help baby keep tabs on your tots’ favorite toys.

After the Storms

Thankful for the grace, prayers, and continued support. The deadlines and the orders real, but as the rest of the country moves along like it normally does, life here is just beginning to take its first tender steps forward again.

Meet the Teethers

I am so excited to introduce you to the newest addition to the January Moon family! We’ve added Wood + Silicone Teethers, a new Teether Clip design, and Teether + Clip Sets to help tame tender gums.

Pinch Me! JM @ Anthropologie

January Moon products are now available online at Anthropologie! Jenny spills about her lifelong love for the iconic brand.

Meet the New, Revamped Rose!

Our Rose accessories have a brand new look just in time for Valentine’s Day! Jenny talks inspiration for this lighter, bright, pinker, more playful gift pick.

New Year, Same Us

A brand-new year can look big and scary on paper but I’m so excited to keep moving forward and always, to take the time to look back on this crazy, wonderful, rewarding January Moon journey.

Ten Meaningful Moments From 2019

The tree is still up but holiday magic is about make way for a bright new year. Jenny looks back on the most meaningful moments and revelations of 2019 and shares her hopes for 2020.

Holiday Traditions, January Moon Style

We’re always celebrating something at January Moon and nobody knows how to have holiday fun quite like our team. This week, we got the babes behind the brand together to dish on all their favorite family traditions, festive fails, and wish list picks.

Meet the Holiday 2019 Collection

The January Moon Holiday 2019 Collection is here! We’ve got kid-friendly, giftable teething products, sleek limited-edition jewelry for mama, and even something special for the tree. Jenny talks design inspiration and like all of us, wonders how to balance the cozy and the crazy that comes with Christmastime.

January Moon’s 2019 Gift Guide is HERE!

Whether you’re shopping for babies, big kids, or crazy aunt Bonnie who’s never met a food she couldn’t suspend in jello, we’ve got ya covered. Check out our top gift picks for 2019!

Tiffany, Raylan, and Autism

Meet Tiffany and Raylan! This week on the journal, Jenny sat down with this extraordinary mama-son pair talk all about autism, sensory strategies for school, and of course, Halloween!

Five Ways to Survive The Witching Hour

The Witching Hour can make evenings eerie for new parents. Calm your fussy baby with Jenny Luckett’s five favorite techniques.

Shop ‘til you pop!

Even if you aren’t expecting, Maisonette Registry is a great space to surf. Check out the main page for nursery inspiration, killer content, and top gift picks (including our Cobalt Pacifier Clip!).

JM Sensory Series

I recently sat down with my inspiring friend Shannon, to talk about her amazing, brave, bright light of a daughter, Elsie (7), who has been coping with anxiety since kindergarten.

Meet the Sensory Collection!

Being a kid can be a lot to chew on. But, so can being the mom of a kid who chews on everything! Jenny talks about her inspiration behind January Moon’s new Sensory Collection.

A Dream Come True (and then some!) JM in Nordstrom!

Big dreams can lead to big things! January Moon will be “popping in” with Maisonette at select Nordstroms beginning May 24th through June 23rd.

On Summer Time

School’s out but there’s still plenty to learn. Nashville jewelry designer, Jenny Luckett, explains how slowing down with the littles for summer break can be enriching for everyone.

Meet the Aunties: Julie, Jeannie, + Nadine

Motherhood and sisterhood go hand in hand. This week, leading up to Mother’s Day, Nashville jewelry designer, Jenny Luckett, sits down to talk with the incredible women who raised her.

Meet the Mamas: Caitlin and Carron

The mother of all holidays is right around the corner. To celebrate, Nashville jewelry designer, Jenny Luckett, sits down with Cash Color’s Caitlin and her mama, Carron, to talk parenting and grandparenting.

Earth, There’s No Place Like it

Some of our most popular colorways are rooted in nature and in honor of Earth Day, I wanted to refresh them and broaden their reach across the collection. New Saddle, Honey, and Spring products are now hanging around the shop. Check’em out, Earth Mamas!

Say A Little Hello To Our Mini Clips

For months, I’ve been working on something special for the littlest of the littles that addresses their complex needs for both soothing and stimulation. I’m so happy to announce that Mini Clips are finally here!

Blooming with BIBS

Jenny had never envisioned selling anything other than the products she had designed and made with her own two hands when she first started. Find out how BIBS pacifiers changed her mind and are now part of the January Moon family!

Who’s Hungry? Introducing JM Feeding

Our line of forks and spoons are the first of their kind, durable, designed for easy handling and they attach effortlessly to our chewable pacifier clips to keep forks and food off of the floor.

January Moon is TWO

January Moon, you evolved from a little idea, to a dream, to an actual business with teething products and customers and stockists across the country. Happy 2nd birthday!

Let’s Make Some Holiday Magic!

Nothing like the holidays to stir up childhood memories and spark new ideas! This holiday season, January Moon is partnering with Pinch Pot Love and Scout Baby to host a Holiday Handprint Ornament Workshop here in Nashville, TN.

Meet Pewter

The Pewter colorway was all about capturing and sharing just a little bit of the rugged rocky landscape of the California coast.

Help! My Baby is Teething!

There’s nothing cuter than those first little teeth popping through your baby’s gums... and nothing more confusing than surviving the process of cutting them.

Meet Cobalt

Because of my undeniable love of blue, a color collection was an inevitability, but I wanted this color story to be a little bit different. I wanted to create something that was electrifyingly blue, as blue as blue could possibly be.

Baby’s First Press: We’re In PNM, y’all!

I’m so thrilled to share that the January Moon Cobalt Signature Teething Necklace is featured in the Aug/Sept issue of Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine!

Playtime Is the Best Time

There is something about a big city that can make a girl feel small. There is something about a big trade show in a big city that can make her feel even smaller.

Meet Dewdrop

Dewdrop was born from a desire to show off a more sophisticated side of the typical springtime palette. I really wanted to turn the whole season on its head.

Is this real life? We’re in BRITISH VOGUE!

Our Pewter, Rose, and Cobalt Signature Teething Necklaces are featured in the August 2018 issue of British Vogue! (And OPRAH is on the cover. AND now I need my smelling salts.)

Meet Mike, I’m Sure Glad that I Did!

January Moon might be my baby but isn’t something I could take care of all on my own. In life and in work, I have a partner, I always have. His name is Mike Luckett.

Meet Rose

When I look at a rose, I see a many layered, modern masterpiece—the MOMA of the garden! There’s nothing old fashioned about our Rose Color Collection and it’s perfect for any woman who likes flowers without all the fuss.

Happy Mother’s Day to YOU

I have never heard anybody say motherhood is exactly how they thought it would be. Same goes for Mother’s Day.

Meet Spring

Marbled grey beads in dramatic shapes are flanked by buttery, olive, and pink-hued beads. The Spring colorway shows the slow evolution of the world from cold to warm.

A Happy Camper How-To

B.C. (before children) all we needed to pack with us for a weekend in the woods was 24 pack of PBR, some cold KFC and a couple of sleeping bags. With children, it’s not that simple. Here are a few of our favorite tips to keep you and your family

Meet Spruce

Nothing makes my heart flutter like a big sturdy spruce tree. They’re giant, majestic, smell incredible, and their color is otherworldly and I truly wanted this collection to reflect that.

Garden Party

Planting day is the first day I get my hands in the ice cold earth and ask it to grow us tomatoes, the first day the nursery runs out of carts and we have to stick cilantro and hot peppers in the bottom of the stroller.

Meet Saddle

The first time I drove across the desert, I saw landscapes I’d only ever imagined. Our Saddle Collection is the souvenir that I’ve always wanted to make that I forgot to pick up!

Artsy Heartsy Valentine’s Fun

Some people don’t think Valentine’s Day is a real holiday, but don’t ever tell that to Shep. He takes any occasion to celebrate seriously, but this year, he has decided that Valentine’s Day is especially important.

These are a few of our favorite things!

Stumped? Stressed? We got you! After a perfect Porter Flea, we’re more excited about the contents of our sleigh than ever. Check out our top gift picks for 2017!

Bracelets for Everyone!

I have a complicated relationship with bracelets. There is love, hate, frustration, longing, physical comedy, and very occasionally, a well-styled, fully accessorized outfit.

Meet Honey

Our Honey Teething Collection Pacifier Clip is inspired by the sweetest stuff in the world that will satisfy both stylish mamas and sensory seeking babies.

As Good As Gold

Thirty beautiful mamas and two little peanuts joined us for an evening where nothing, not elbows, an extra glass of wine, or labor and delivery war stories, was off the table.

Keychains Are Here!

Two weeks ago, when we were in the longest line in the world history of groceries, my sweet little lamb of a baby very quickly became a seething teething banshee.

Meet Charcoal

I created the Charcoal Teething Collection because I wanted to to wear something that was unapologetically modern and screamed, “I’m a woman.” louder than, “I’m a MOM!”

The Inspiration That Fall Brings

This collection is special. It is made of good memories for me--bonfires and long hikes and muddy boots waiting outside.

And Just Like That, the Seasons Change

Our Fall 2017 collection is almost here and I don’t know that I’ve ever felt more excited to send jewelry out into the world

Here Comes the Sun … and a Giveaway!

In order to bring a little extra stardust to this already enchanting occasion, we’ve teamed up with some of our favorite mama maker friends to build a Total Eclipse Bundle

Meet Moonlight

The Moonlight Teething Collection was born as I sat up all night, for weeks, with my teething baby, I keep my delirious, sleep-deprived brain busy dreaming up new jewelry designs.

In With The New

Because I need to make room, I’m having a good old-fashioned sale to commemorate those original designs that I hold so dearly.

What We Did On Our Summer Staycation

Since we have a new little bird in our nest we’re embracing the “staycation” this year and bringing the adventure straight to our backyard.

June is for Juggling

In case you haven’t heard, I’m a momma again. I have a rosy cheeked, fluffy haired, dream baby who thus far, is all sugar and no spice.

Welcome Baby Delaney!

It's true--sweet Delaney has officially arrived, and we're so in love. I can't wait for you to meet her!

Pack Your Bags … Perfectly

Everybody deals with anxiety differently: some people meditate, some people lace up their sneakers and go for a long run. I deal with stress by organizing. Ferociously.

In the Spirit of Mother’s Day

There’s nothing to get a girl in the Mother's Day spirit like being surrounded by dozens of extraordinary mamas.

Babies, Bunnies and Beads, Oh My!

As you can imagine for a mad gifter like myself, holidays are especially, well, special. Easter is no exception.

New Botanical Collection

Nature is my closest, most giving collaborator and plants are her best accessories. In springtime she gets especially dressed up.

If the Jewelry Fits

Women come in a million different shapes. And honestly, I feel like I’ve experienced most of them in the past seven months!

New To The Family

I’m so happy to announce, as I sit here in the sun soaking up the smell of blooms come too early, that I have a sweet baby girl in my belly!

Now on Babyccino

Today, I am thrilled to announce that our little tribe is growing again: January Moon is now a Babyccino boutique!

My January Moon

Sheppy–my little January Moon–thank you for desperation that lead to the inspiration and all of the rest in between. I love you from one end of your wild, ever-changing rainbow to the next.