Babies, Bunnies and Beads, Oh My!


As you can imagine for a mad gifter like myself, holidays are especially, well, special. Easter is no exception.

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I’m a Fanatical Gift Giver

My name is Jennifer Luckett and I am a fanatical gift giver. I come by it honestly, I am just one in a long line of thrifting, antiquing, crocheting, “if-I-can’t-find-it-I’ll-felt-it,” treasure hunting women. We’ve always got our eyes open for something that just screams the name of someone we love whether the occasion is momentous or the occasion is that the gas station off of I-65 has really awesome mugs. Sure it comes with its disadvantages, like the inability to leave a flea market empty handed and tendency to fall into deep Etsy comas, but mostly, it’s a pretty great way to be.

When the bunny says hop, I say how high.

As you can imagine for a mad-gifter like myself, holidays are especially, well, special. Easter is no exception. With its carefully curated basket full of trinkets, translucent gummy wonders, and endless cotton-tailed charms, Easter couldn’t be more my jam.

This year donning the rabbit ears has been unusually challenging. Shep is easy, a little Paw Patrol here, a lot of chocolate there, and a solid outdoor pee is about all it takes to make to make his 3 year old dreams come true. But there’s a new chick in town and she’s really tough to buy for, probably because I haven’t met her yet. That’s right, little Miss Luckett is getting a basket too. It’s going to be her only Easter on the inside, I have to make it special, right?!

When it comes to meaningful gift giving, babies can be hard (especially when they’re tiny balls of mystery tucked away in your belly.) They can’t tell you what they like but at the same time, seem to be so very capable of letting you know when they absolutely despise something. Luckily, since I am filled with all kinds of festive moxie and am really excited about this baby girl, I have assembled what might be my finest collection of Easter treats yet!

BunnyLovie 1

Pink Bunny Socks by Eva & Elvin

Right off the bat, I want to profess my love for Bitte. It is home to more magical modern kiddo curiosities than I could ever count. Among them, are these Eva & Elvin socks that I can’t even look at without squealing. 🙂


Lovie Bunny by Sara Jonnes McDonald

This sweet lovie bunny by Bitte co-founder, Sara Jonnes McDonald, made my heart skip a few beats. Not only is Lovie the most adorable little friend in the world, he’s also safe, made from 100% organic cotton fabrics and up-cycled natural foam rubber scrap.


Modern Bunny Rattle by Petit Collage

Where there is one bunny there must be many bunnies so I’m loading this basket on up with them! I am such a huge fan of Petit Collage goods, everything they make is so thoughtfully and artfully designed, from their prints on wood to their lunch boxes. This modern little shaker is right on the money for Easter babies. Also, you don’t need to get your eyes checked the bunny is totally winking at you!


Little Sister Mouse In a Box by MAILEG

GASP! Its Stuart Little’s dream girl!  I have long admired Maileg’s beautifully crafted mice and can’t wait to see what adventures baby Luckett will dream up with her Little Sister doll.


Bunny Clips by Hello Shisho

All I can say is please PLEASE let my daughter have hair. These perfect bunny hair clips by Hello Shiso are the bees knees. And yes they make bee clips too because they’ve thought of everything.


Woven Tote

So, when I say Easter “basket” what I really mean is “beautiful-and-functional-straw-tote-that-we-can-actually-use-again.” I bought mine at a hoppin’ new boutique in town called Magnolia Goods that I just can’t seem to stay away from. If you aren’t in Nashville to join me while I drool over everything in their shop, it’s okay, you can shop their collection online.


Mauve Dress by Alice & Ames

I can’t think of a more whirly, twirly perfect Easter dress for than this Alice and Ames gem. My little nugget will have to grow into hers but it will be worth the wait to see her dancing around the kitchen in it.

Have a Happy Easter, and hop ‘til you drop!

XO Jenny


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