Welcome Baby Delaney!


It’s true–sweet Delaney has officially arrived, and we’re so in love. I can’t wait for you to meet her!

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We All Wish for More Time

Since starting January Moon, I have talked to a lot of mothers. I’ve asked hundreds of questions–questions about what makes a mother feel closest to her baby, what makes her feel beautiful, what she truly needs during that foggy, fleeting, miraculous first year of parenthood. I got a lot of different answers from the gracious, glowing mamas who shared their thoughts with me, but the one thing that nearly all of them wished for was more time. It goes by fast, entirely too fast.

I’m going to remind myself of that daily and collect all of the memories I can of the sweet, special time when Delaney begins to discover her world. I’m going to savor every gassy smile she gives me and every milky white tooth that peeks through her gum. I’m going to slow down for a Goodnight Moon break when things are getting hectic, and I’m always, always going to remember to thank my very lucky stars for a life that has allowed me a wonderful family and a business that celebrates the bond between a mother and her baby.

January Moon at Porter Flea

With that in mind, my dear friends at Morton & Mabel will be hosting some January Moon goodies for me at Porter Flea so I can spend the day cuddled up with my new best gal. I’m bummed that I won’t be able to join you and fall in love with all of the pretty things, but I have a feeling I’ll be plenty busy falling in love at home.

XO Jenny


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