Back to Nature: Meet Spring 2020


Against all odds, through darkness, confusion, and COVID-19, spring has arrived. I’ve found myself yearning for familiar places, people, and routines during the past few weeks of self-isolation. Our favorite restaurant patios are empty, the local playground is wrapped in yellow caution tape, and the friendships we cherish feel distant. But, during this time, I have also discovered so many other beautiful things to fill that void.

FamilyGrid 1

The Guiding (and Grounding) Force of Nature

It’s been really satisfying to slow down and take time to see the world through the eyes of my kids. Now that our backyard has become our classroom/office/entire universe, I have felt more connected and curious about the incredible world at our feet.

Over the past two months we’ve been reminded of the full spectrum of nature’s powers. From the devastating tornadoes that ripped through Nashville, to the discovery of a four-leaf clover in our backyard, it’s all awesome. It has not been easy to stop life as we know it, but I am beginning to embrace this opportunity for re-calibration.

Earth Day turns 50!

This year we will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day on April 22nd. We’re joining the celebration by adding several new designs to our earth-inspired colorways, Saddle, Ocean and Dewdrop.

Saddle Up

The Saddle colorway was inspired by Shep. He’s loved it since the moment I showed it to him (mostly because it matches perfectly with his entire camo wardrobe.) So, if he’s wearing anything at all, he always accessorizes with his custom Sensory Stretch Bracelet.

As I’ve watched him these past few weeks, digging in the dirt, worm hunting, watching the sunset with a grilled cheese in a mud-covered hand, I began to notice how grown up he’s getting. I wanted his favorite style to evolve with him. The new Saddle designs are deeper, richer, moodier, and always ready for an adventure. It might even be a little bit more grown-up? But, only just a little.

SaddleBlog 1
EarthDayBlog Saddle

Calming Ocean

Watching my children’s’ relationship with nature flourish has rekindled my own sense of wonder in the world. It’s brought back sweet childhood memories and helped me return in spirit to some very special places.

One of my favorite things to do outdoors has always been to go walking by the ocean in Grover Beach near my parents’ home in California. It isn’t the kind of spot you swim, the water is ice cold and the darkest, inky blue I’ve ever seen, but that’s where I feel at home. Huge clumps of seaweed in the most gorgeous, otherworldly green rush up to my ankles with the tide and then roll back into the sea before I can commit the color to memory. I’ve tried my very best to capture those colors and feelings in our new Mini and Pacifier clip design additions.

EarthDayBlog BabiesOcean

Dewdrops and Daisies

Nashville has been no stranger to rain this season. All of our April showers here in Nashville made me think more about expanding our beloved Dewdrop product family with new clips in all sizes. The new designs are inspired by backyard puddle jumping sessions and happy smiling faces. (I also love how the new Dewdrop Teether Clip pairs perfectly with both of the Ocean and Saddle Teethers!)

EarthDayBlog DewdropBaby

Enjoy the Pause

As the world seems to be spin a little slower these days and as it does, I’m absorbing so much more of what normally passes by unnoticed, the way Delaney’s eyes light up when she finds a new flower in the yard, how Shep makes sure everyone in the family has a mud cake, and just how much joy the earth provides in our own backyard. I wish these same simple joy to you and your families this spring.

Stay healthy,  stay happy, stay home, and know that we’re thinking of you.

XO Jenny


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