Blooming with BIBS


The story behind how BIBS pacifiers became the perfect partner for January Moon’s line of pacifier clips.

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That New Designer Moxie

When I started January Moon, I never ever envisioned selling anything other than products I had designed for my own brand name that I made in my own shop with my own two hands. As much as I love that “roll up your sleeves,” DIY ‘til ya drop, new designer moxie… things have changed a little bit since then.


First, I got busy.

I needed to hire a staff of artisans to fill orders while I chased the toddler, and got the growing boy to baseball practice, and updated the website (where would I be without, y’all?!)

Next, I wanted to diversify.

I added “master molder of spoons and forks” to my résumé. Proving that it really is true, I do have more ideas than time and maybe I don’t have to design everything we sell?

Then, I got inspired.

Once upon a time last winter, things changed because I got inspired, I happened upon a design on Instagram, so perfect, so impossible to improve upon, that I knew I needed it as the cherry on top of my accessories sundae.

Now, I can’t imagine.

It’s true, now I can’t imagine the January Moon shop without BIBS pacifiers in it!

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30+ Years of Happy Families

BIBS modern, Danish designed pacifiers have been a favorite of families for over forty years. Not only are they gorgeous, the quality is outstanding and the materials are clean and green, just the way I like them, 100% free of PVC, BPA, and phthalates. The sleekness and simplicity drew me in right away and the color palette, well, I could write a whole separate blog post about it (come to think of it, maybe I will?) For me though, lust turned to true love when my little Delaney Bee latched onto her BIBS pacifier instantly. I could see how much thought they’d put into mimicking the shape and feel of a mother’s breast. Y’all, I’m still waiting for her to let go of it.


We’re the only BIBS game in town!

Not only is January Moon the only BIBS distributer in Nashville, we are one of just a handful in the entire country. We carry BIBS in seven hand-selected colors. They are the perfect partner for our online collection of Pacifier Clips. And if you’re ever in Nashville, come see the collection in person at the Getalong in East Nashville. Nothing puts a smile on my face like sending a happy mama out the door with a January Moon clip and a BIBS pacifier in her hand!

Spring is a great time to grow and I’m happy to be blooming with BIBS.



Founder / Designer / Wine Expert / Problem Solver at January Moon

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