Bracelets for Everyone!


I have a complicated relationship with bracelets. There is love, hate, frustration, longing, physical comedy, and very occasionally, a well-styled, fully accessorized outfit.


A Real Dilemma

As much as I adore the look and feel of a decorated wrist, the two curious, grabby little people I live with make sure that nothing—no bangle, band, or bauble—stays on my person for more than a few minutes. Anything that’s loose enough for me to put on by myself is also loose enough for Shep to slyly remove and pocket when I’m on the phone and sadly, a snug fit requires a little more help and dexterity to put on than he is willing to offer. Sweet, teething Delaney with her propensity to actually gnaw bracelets off my arm serves as the adorable, constantly salivating cherry on top of a real dilemma.

I kept telling myself that the bracelet impasse I reached was just a life problem, a mom problem, another phase that my kids would eventually climb out of, but really, at the heart of it, was a design problem and there is nothing I love more than the bittersweet torture of a design problem! I mulled over our existing bracelets and tweaked them in a hundred different ways. I wanted to make something that was fun to wear, easy for a mama or papa to put on without assistance (but complex enough to intimidate the toddler in your life) and of course, safe and soothing for teething babies. I went full-on mad scientist. It’s kind of amazing that my workshop is still standing.

Ultra-Wearable, Modern Teething Bracelets

I am so, so excited to share our brand new ultra-wearable, modern teething bracelets with you! This subtle, modified drawstring design is adjustable, easy to put on and take off without any help, and super safe for your littlest ones to chew on. Strung on our premium tether, these new bracelets are available in two sizes and come in eight beautiful color combinations that you and your baby will drool over. Wear them on their own or layer them together like I do!

Who says we can’t have nice things?!

XO Jenny


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