DIY Sensory Necklace Kits Are Here!

DIYSensory 41sq

Attention mini-makers! Our DIY Sensory Necklace kits are HERE. Get ready to get creative!!!

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And We Mean Kid Approved

Kids are a big part of the culture at January Moon and more often than not, when we’re trying fill orders, they’re with us in the workshop trying on inventory (when we say “kid approved”, we mean it) messing with the beads, and putting together incredible, wonderful, and sometimes, totally bizarre creations of their own.

DIYSensory 59

Decompress, Play, and Design

Since I’m not Bear Grylls or an actual princess, I didn’t expect that my kids would take a big interest in what I do, but sharing it with them has been so special. After a long day at school, their first stop (well, after snacks) is the workshop and I love watching them decompress, play, and design whatever happens to be in their brains at that very moment. Obviously, the now-mandatory veggie straw breaks have not been great for our production time, but I think the extra kid magic reminds all of us to sit back and enjoy the pretty awesome reality of what we do here: Create. We are very, very lucky. And now, you can be too!

DIYSensory 64
DIYSensory 70

Beloved Bead Shapes, Textures and Colors

I’m so excited to announce the release of our DIY SENSORY NECKLACE KIT. The kit includes every shade of the rainbow and features our most beloved bead shapes and textures. Each contains materials for up to two necklaces including a curated collection of our 100% non-toxic silicone beads, bright colorful rope, pre-threaded clasps, and detailed instructions. Parents, roll those sleeves up. This activity will require your supervision and support and is best suited to kiddos ages 4+. Trust me, you’ll want to be there anyway. It’s a ton of fun

DIYSensory 27sq
DIYSensory 42sq
DIYSensory 68

One of a Kind Sensory Activity

Jewelry making is a wonderful sensory activity for kiddos working on fine motor skills and those (like mine) who are always seeking extra input. And at the end, they get their very own one-of-a-kind, super supportive, high-quality necklace to show off at school.

I can’t wait to see what you and your kiddos dream up! 

XO Jenny