Earth, There’s No Place Like it

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Warm, textured, and inspired by nature, our favorite earthy colorways are feeling refreshed and making their way across our teething and jewelry lines. Shop our NEW Spring, Saddle, and Honey products today!

Happy Earth Day!

Above anything else, January Moon is inspired by nature. Some people go to the MoMA, others look to Coco Chanel, but when I’m looking for a masterpiece, something that absolutely takes my breath away, all I have to do is step outside and open my eyes.

I’ve been captivated by the shapes, textures and colors of the landscape for as long as I can remember. From my days as a little girl tearing up and down the beach at the edge of the Pacific, to my days as a mother watching my own children joyfully stick their bare feet in the garden soil, nature has gifted me with some of my most precious memories.

Introducing New Earth Tone Products

Some of our most popular colorways are rooted in nature and in honor of Earth Day, I wanted to refresh them and broaden their reach across the collection. Saddle and Honey necklaces can now be found within the jewelry line and we made a sweet Spring pacifier clip for the littles to love on. I am so excited to have even more of these much loved designs hanging around the shop. Check’em out, Earth Mamas!

XO Jenny


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