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For many families, life is feeling out of control right now. School districts are closed, spring break travel plans have been put on hold, anticipated gatherings and celebrations were abruptly canceled. What might have seemed like a distant threat a couple of weeks ago, is now hitting a little too close to home.

With over 180,000 cases worldwide, COVID-19 is officially a pandemic and by adhering to the CDC’s Guidelines we can all play a part in containing it. While you feel the gravity of the situation, small children might not. They will need your patience and understanding over the next few weeks to adapt to inevitable shifts in routine, along with your support to learn some new household hygiene habits.


The Cliff Notes on Clips

Families that have a teething little one, already know that even under normal circumstances, making sure pacis, toys, and utensils stay clean is no easy task. Our clips can help your tots keep tabs on their favorite toys while hopefully provide parents a little peace of mind at the same time.

The goal of January Moon has always been to strike the perfect balance of fun and functional and these clips do just that. We sell three unique clip designs for three unique purposes, so, I thought I would give you a crash course on how and when to use each clip!


Pacifier Clips

Our original Pacifier Clips are best suited for babies over six months and toddlers. They work beautifully with our coordinating BIBS Pacifiers (or whichever paci your baby might prefer) and they are excellent sensory tools for little explorers with busy hands and mighty molars. Hot tip: This clip will be your baby’s absolute bestie at mealtime. Just feed the loop through your January Moon Spoon + Fork (that’s what the hole is for, y’all!) and keep those utensils off the floor. We’ve got eight great colors to choose from and I fully endorse all the mixing and matching!

Honey 1
Honey 1

Mini Pacifier Clips

If you’re looking for a more delicate approach, our Mini pacifier clip is a lovely pick for the layette crowd. Made with smaller beads in seven mellow shades, the mini is great for honing just-emerging fine motor skills and for supporting baby through the early stages of teething. It was made with babies under six months in mind, but lots of little fans tend to hang onto it longer.


Teether Clips

Our biggest, burliest model is the Teether clip. Made to support our Wood + Silicone Flower teether, this clip is extra long, strong, and streamlined to keep baby’s most treasured toy close by when she needs it most. It comes in five of our favorite colors and like the original, does a great job with utensils at meal time too. My current combo of choice is our Ocean teether and Dewdrop Pacifier Clip.


Supportive Measures

There are lots of things we can do to help our little ones stay safe during this time. We encourage you to have some fun with the new routines that we are all having to adopt. If you have any new ideas for how you are making cleanliness more fun at your house, please send us a DM @thejanuarymoon on Instagram so we can pass them on to other parents!

Here a few things we’re doing in our house right now:

Hand Washing

We all know how important it is to wash our hands – All. Of. The. Time. That’s also easier said than done with littles, right? Try singing silly songs, get some super suds going and, go ahead and let things get a little messier then usual during this process (It’s an extra clean mess!).

Coughs and Sneezes

Practice proper coughing and sneezing techniques together. Teach your kiddos how to sneeze and cough into your elbow then offer plenty of positive reinforcement when they copy you!

Toy Hygiene

For the wee babes, it helps to use a favorite pacifier or teether clip to keep baby’s beloved toys, pacifiers, and utensils off the ground and germ-free. Don’t forget to wash the toys and clips frequently in warm, soapy water too!

Last, but not least, don’t forget to give yourself and your loved ones lots of grace. You might be the grown-up, but for most of us, this is brand new territory.




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