Hello Rainbow Sensory Collection!

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Jenny shares JM’s brand new Rainbow Sensory Collection AND her personal experience with Sensory Processing Disorder.

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It Finally Dawned on Me

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been called a “worrier.” I’m a skin picker, a lip chewer, a finger twiddler, most definitely, a teeth grinder, and I’ve never met a pencil, pen and sweatshirt drawsting I couldn’t chew my way through. Sure, I do worry sometimes, but what was called “worrying” for most of my life was actually me seeking out different ways to process stimuli from my environment and find comfort in my body. It only took seven years of designing and constructing teething and sensory jewelry for it to dawn on me.

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What is SPD?

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) may be present when sensory information is either not picked up by the brain / body or doesn’t trigger conventional responses. It can look different for everyone and while some people are able to manage over or under-responsive reactions well, others experience disregulation and struggle to find a sense of safety in the world. Up to 16% of children may be affected by Sensory Processing Disorder and as someone with a bit of personal experience, for SPD awareness month, I really wanted to create something to show solidarity, help support kiddos through the stress of the school day, and maybe save a few of those pencil ends.

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Little Jenny and Big Jenny Approved

The Rainbow Sensory Collection is meant to inspire hope, happiness, and above all else, bring comfort. I did my best to channel “Little Jenny” in the design process (though “Grown Up Jenny” still has LOTS of love for the chewy necklace experience). I used my favorite, most beloved arch-shaped bead, which has a little more flexibility, and three of our more resistant standard beads. Creating variations in texture and consistency within the piece was important to me.

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Accessories For All

Ultra-durable and built to keep up, whether your child is catching a wave or painting watercolors or chilling out, Adventure is the strong, stylish, and sensory friendly accessory for all kids, all seasons.


Embracing Your Unique Sensitivies

These pieces are deeply important to me and so is raising awareness about Sensory Processing Disorder. At any age, it can be disheartening to feel like you’re always over (or under) reacting or, like you’ll never find a sense of home in or control over your body. Knowledge is power and acceptance is magic. All of us can open our minds and arms a little wider. If you or your little one is struggling, remember that you’re not alone, and that one day, your unique set of sensitives might be your greatest strength. It seems to be working out that way for me.


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