Holiday Traditions, January Moon Style

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Everyday Feels Like a Holiday

It always feels a little bit like the holidays at January Moon. Sure, we work hard, but with this festive crew of awesome mamas and friends, it always feels like there’s something to celebrate. Since we’re so very good at having fun as a family, it felt apropos to introduce you to the babes behind the brand and get their take on holiday traditions. So, without further ado, I give you the JM team!


Meet the January Moon Team

  • Jenny: January Moon Founder and Designer | Mom to Shepard (5), Delaney (2). and Bean the kitty

  • Melody: The Brain + Data and Analytics Queen + Meaningful Pep-Talker | Mom to Mary (20) Luke (17) and Furbaby Rose

  • Shannon W: Content Marketing + Project Management + List Maker + Inspirational Woman | Mom to Elsie (7) and Maisie (3)

  • Shannon M: Wordsmith (turns my thoughts into beautiful, cheerful copy) + Overall Inspiration | Mama to Wilder (7) and twins Everly and Hudson (4)

  • Madeleine: World’s Best Babysitter + Shipping Master | Mom to Roshi the dog

  • Janelle: Right-Hand Women + Reason I’m still standing | Momma to daughters Mabel (8) and Edith (6) 

  • Christie: Expert Knot Tye-er + Resident Mom Expert | Mom to Felix, (8) Quincy, (6) Fannie, doggie (13), Bruce (3) + Hamburger (1), kitties

  • Not Pictured: Mike – Photographer + Best Partner + Display Builder + Heavy Box Lifter + World’s Best Dad


What is your favorite holiday tradition?

MELODY: We needed to establish some new traditions after our divorce that would be flexible enough to roll with the annually alternating “before noon” or “after noon” schedule that our family now had to follow in order to split Christmas Day between two households. My solution was a “make-your-own-waffle” breakfast spread on the years that the kids were with me before noon and a “build-your-own-individual-pizza” lunch for the alternating years! Both have evolved into fairly impressive gourmet adventures that we all look forward to and instead of having to ask whose house they go to when on Christmas Day the kids just ask, “Is it a waffle or pizza year?”!

SHANNON W: The first Christmas Eve after our daughter, Elsie, was born my husband and I popped open a very expensive bottle of champagne and celebrated the fact that we were spending way too much energy playing Santa’s elves for an 8-month old who could barely sit on her own. Now that we have two kiddos, the elves have to work a lot harder each Christmas, and sipping and savoring an expensive bottle of champagne together as we prep and assemble a magical Christmas morning for our girls has become one of my favorite rituals of the season. Elves need magic too!

Jenny: Last year we started wearing matching pajamas and it’s better than I even imagined! I’m going to force this for as long as possible. In fact, (I’m so excited about it that I’m currently giving our 2019 PJs a trial run as I write this post!)


Halloween might be sweet but when it comes to treats, the holiday season arguably takes the cake. What special snack do you look forward to all year long?

Madeleine: Latkes!

Shannon M: Can I say latkes too? I love a seasonal beer. Bring me a Founder’s Breakfast Stout or a Jackalope Snowman Stout and I’m immediately in the holiday spirit!

Janelle: Hot cocoa and all the yummy cookies my girls and I can bake.

Shannon M: I’ll take some of those cookies too, please!


The holidays sure are fun but they almost never go perfectly as planned. Got any memorable holiday fails to share?

Shannon W: Just last year, my oven coil broke while cooking a multi-family Christmas Eve meal. I was so sad and stressed out about not being able to bake my annual breakfast casserole on Christmas morning (which tastes better with mimosas, of course). After gifts the next day, we threw our coats on over jammies and headed to Waffle House. The servers caroled, we all laughed and sang along — and we were not the only jammy-wearing family either! Now, I’m throwing my casserole tradition out the window and we are going to head to Waffle House every year! We can drink mimosas and nap after breakfast when home and there won’t be a dirty dish in sight!

Melody: I’m a third-generation vegetarian who has never eaten meat, but when we first got married I wanted to establish a Christmas Eve tradition with my in-laws and cook a whole turkey. I did it. I successfully cooked a turkey that by all accounts was delicious. Guess what I didn’t know about?! As they were slicing and serving the turkey, the bag of turkey neck, gizzards, livers and giblets was discovered still nestled deep inside that glorious bird. We laughed, removed it, and they (kindly) kept on eating!

Madeleine: Almost setting the house on fire after buying bad Hanukkah candles!

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JM HolidayTraditions28229

We know you gals have great taste. Spill! What’s on your wishlist this year?

Christie: Wine, cheese, and a flat stomach!

Jenny: Amen! I’d love some new luggage, I’m still borrowing my friend Tana’s to go to trade shows. A Lilyan James Bucket Backpack couldn’t hurt either?

Janelle: We just moved into a new house so I’d love a literal ton of Home Depot gift cards.

Shannon M: A whole stack of JM Stretch Bracelets! I’m a long-distance runner and my sweet Hudson has autism. These adaptable little guys are the only accessory I’ve found that are tough enough for both of us. Also, Brown Fox Collective and Paddywax candles. Even if the house is a flaming hot disaster (it is, BTW) a good candle makes it feel like a fancy disaster.

May Your Season Be Bright! However your family chooses to celebrate this special time of year, we hope your season is merry and filled with magic.

From our family to yours… Happy Holidays!

XO Jenny


Founder | Designer | Wine Expert | Problem Solver at January Moon | Wife to Mike | Mom to Shep and Delaney at Home