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Women come in a million different shapes. And honestly, I feel like I’ve experienced most of them in the past seven months!

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Pregnancy Is Finally Sinking In

It’s funny how a pregnancy finally sinks in. For some people it’s the ultrasound, when a barely visible flickering heartbeat instantly turns the world on its head. For others, it takes a belly-rattling kick from the inside to knock things into perspective (baby girl has been more than generous in this department BTW.) For me, this whole “bringing a life into the world” thing starts to get real when none of my clothes fit and dressing myself becomes a daily exercise in humility. Pregnancy is amazing, but forcing your best pants to take a sabbatical while you fall down the stretchy pants rabbit hole is decidedly not.

The Importance of Fit

One sneaky blessing born from the extended wardrobe malfunction in which I’ve been living, is that I have been thinking a lot about the importance of fit. Women come in a million different shapes. And honestly, I feel like I’ve experienced most of them in the past seven months! From the early moments of pregnancy where baby girl was the size of a poppy seed, secretly and effortlessly buttoned away under my shirt, to now, where I see a little bit more of my chin disappear every time I look in the mirror. We all deserve something that fits, at each and every size, something that embraces us perfectly and helps us embrace ourselves.

You Need Options? We’ve Got Options

A good piece of jewelry needs to do that too. I want to make sure you know that when it comes to fit, where your piece sits and how it makes you feel, you have options. January Moon currently offers several standard size variations to guarantee that our accessories are the perfect expression of your style. Necklaces come in two lengths, regular (33”) and petite (31”), and our new bracelet line is available in small (6.5″), medium (7.25”), and large (8”).

For my “smediums” and “marges,” my babies who like a little extra length to play with, and my moms who are tired of sharing and want to spearhead the development of the very first January Moon chokers, worry not–we do custom sizing! All you need to do is email me directly (jenny@januarymoon.com) or make a note in the comments section at check out, and we’ll be sure you get something that makes you feel amazingly you. Because that is what January Moon is all about.

We’re only about a month out from dress season and this bump and I are counting the days!

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