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Because I need to make room, I’m having a good old-fashioned sale to commemorate those original designs that I hold so dearly.

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In with the new, out with the old…

I can never decide whether this time of year is more of a beginning or more of an end. We have moved from the first bright steps of summer, where you make more plans than you could ever keep, to its achingly hot final salvo, just moments before the school doors open and our children wake up looking exponentially older. Shep has somehow graduated from toddler to little boy in the blink of an eye and little Delaney Bee is growing like a weed, looking less like her infant self and more like a curious and wonderfully chubby-cheeked babe at home in the world. As a parent, it sometimes feels like we say hello to emerging quirks in our kids all of the time, but rarely get a chance to say goodbye to the ones that melt away. It does quite a number on my sentimental mama heart, in case you can’t tell. 🙂 I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it a hundred more times, I wish there was a way to slow it all down. Everything changes so fast.

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January Moon is changing too.

I have new designs I’m preparing to put into production and I’m slowly but surely getting ready to return to my regular schedule at the shop. This has been the sweetest season but I sure do miss holing up with my tools and creating. Among the new line up you’ll see some familiar faces. Our best sellers will stick around and because we just weren’t wanting to say goodbye to that palette after Porter Flea, we’ll be adding our JM x MM collaboration to the site. We also have some pretty fantastic things in the works for a Holiday 2017 series, but I’ll spill more on that later. I am truly so thrilled to put new styles out into the world but I’d be lying if I said that the inevitable phasing out of the designs I built this company around isn’t tasting a little bittersweet right now.

Welcoming new things can mean bidding farewell to old ones and for a schmaltzy, sappy woman like myself, that isn’t always an easy thing to do. These necklaces were my very first introduction to my amazing customers and each and every time I sent them off to stockists and new mamas, I felt an enormous sense of pride. I still do. I’ve been struggling to reconcile my excitement for the future with my attachment to the past, it doesn’t help that I have a few remaining new mom hormones that just won’t quit and boxes of silicone beads spilling out into the hallway and driving me completely mad.

Because I need to make room and because it always feels like a giant retail party, I’m having a good old-fashioned flash sale to commemorate those original designs that I hold so dearly. The entire site will be 30% off from 7/27-7/30 with the promo code YAY, no exclusions. I couldn’t decide which designs to mark down (It felt like choosing favorites) so everything is up for grabs on the cheap. Tell your friends and your friends’ friends and their friends too. Help me celebrate the pieces that built this business and all of the wonderful new things we’ve got coming!

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