Who’s Hungry? Introducing JM Feeding


January Moon Feeding is Here!

And nobody is more surprised about it than I am. If you’d told me when I was 21, that one day, I would be making a line of spoons and forks for babies and children, I would have called you crazy, laughed until my eyes were misty, and then asked myself, “What the heck is a baby spoon?!” At 21, I had no idea just how many surprises and challenges motherhood would have in store.

Parenting Presents a Plethora of Totally Confounding Problems

There’s no way to prepare yourself for the lack of sleep, lack of control, or lack of matching socks, but the one that has rocked my world the most has been the MESS, the sticky, splotchy, mysteriously stinky mess that children make when they eat anything, anything at all. The family dinners that look like Norman Rockwell paintings in my head, somehow end up going down more like rock concert after parties, flying utensils, stains on the ceiling, and lots and lots of crying. At our house, no meal is complete without table top drumming by Sheppy Luckett and an animated performance by his sister, Delaney, the food throwing Mick Jagger to his Charlie Watts. If I’m being honest, with the yelling, dancing, repeated dropping of things, and topical mashed potato application, there’s no way my wild 21-year-old self would be able to hang with these cats, not even for snack time.

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After a few months of two kids chowing down on solids, cleaning applesauce off of the light fixtures, dodging airborne broccoli florets, and watching the splash radius grow as the children did, I realized that Mike and I were spending more time cleaning up food than cooking or eating it. We needed a solution and though I’d never designed anything other than jewelry before, I was determined enough to try, not just for us, for all of the parents trying to keep green bean puree off the couch and implements off the floor.

Twelve weeks later, the first January Moon Feeding prototypes arrived, just in time for dinner (Thank goodness!)

Our line of spoons + forks are the first of their kind, durable, designed for easy handling and washing, and they attach effortlessly to our durable teether clips to keep forks and food off of the floor. They’re currently available in eight vivid colors and the materials, high-quality bamboo and food grade silicone, are safe, sanitary, and strong enough to stand up to teething babies and budding rock stars. Parents, I hope January Moon Feeding brings your family together for mealtime, without the mayhem.

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