Introducing the Adventure Bracelet

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Perfect for Father’s Day gifting (especially paired with a kiddo sized version), the Adventure Teething Bracelet is rugged, modern, and ready for anything!


Life is an Adventure

After a year that has ranged from totally amazing to almost apocalyptic, us Lucketts are headed out on our biggest post-pandemic adventure yet. We’re hitting the road for six weeks in our trusty camper, Springee, headed for the west coast to see family, stargaze, and search for all the creepy crawly creatures. Except for the scorpions, Shep has very specific instructions to NOT touch, capture, or provoke with the scorpions.

Hitting the Road

I’ve had a lot to be grateful for this year: my health, my home, my awesome kids, science, YOU, but most of all, I’m absolutely blessed to have a family with a true sense of adventure. When school and work went virtual, it was a no brainer for Mike and I to pack up our life, stuff it into a camper, and explore the south together. As we roll up the sleeping bags and brush off our boots to do it all over again, now fully vaccinated, finished with first grade, and breathing a heck of a lot easier, I can’t help but look back on our quaran-travels, from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, with so much love. 

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Jewelry For the Journey

The Adventure Bracelet basically designed itself over the past year. I was so inspired by the different treasures our kids plucked from the places we visited: lots of very important, very valuable rocks, strips of bark, pointy sticks, and hunks of moss. Each little trinket had a story, an imaginary fossil in it, or a secret power. It made me want to capture and create something all on my own, something my beloved intrepid explorers could take on our next journey and enjoy together.

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For Papa + Peanut

The Adventure Bracelet is rugged, modern, ultra-wearable, and ready for anything. It can keep up with you whether you’re fishing for trout or change in your cup holders. A trio of custom silicone beads in charcoal provides excellent sensory support and the rope adjusts easily for a personalized fit. The Adventure Bracelet makes a great gift for Father’s Day all on its own, but if you’re a sucker like I am for a perfect Papa + Peanut moment, there’s a kids version too. I couldn’t resist!


Fit for a Father

Wishing you all a wonderful Father’s Day and happy trails whether you’re staying close to home this summer or planning an epic cross-country odyssey. Thank you so much for letting us serve your families over the past year, I’m so excited to see our world opening up and I can’t wait to see adventures we’ll all take next!


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