Adventure is Calling!


A throwback to classic summer camp crafting, the Adventure Collection is bright, bold, and ready for anything.


January Moon Babies Are Big Kids Now!

The first January Moon babies are big kids now and I can hardly believe it. The chubby cheeked, pink gummed goobers who slobbered all over my prototypes are in THIRD GRADE. They’re playing baseball and riding bikes and swimming without floaties and doing really, really hard math! These kids aren’t cutting teeth anymore, they’re losing them. HOW?!

My little friends and their families have stuck by my side since day one, trying out products, helping me brainstorm, showing up in my very first ads, and celebrating every victory with me. In so many ways, we’ve grown up together and I want to keep growing that way. I owe so much of my success (and my sanity!) to mamas, papas, and littles who never stopped showing up for me, even on the days when I wanted to stop showing up!

SO4 Styled 116

Contemporary, Casual, and Effortlessly Cool

I’m thrilled to introduce the Adventure Collection, our very first release geared towards the not-so little one in your life. The collection is contemporary, casual, and effortlessly cool, designed for big kids with big dreams. Made with a double layer of Japanese twill rope and our custom, silicone beads, Adventure takes me right back to summer camp, spending all day outside weaving crazy colorful friendship bracelets for my besties, taking the kayak out by myself for the first time, feeling like the future was a billion shades of brightness and fun, feeling ready for any and all Adventure.


For All Kids, All Seasons

Ultra-durable and built to keep up, whether your child is catching a wave or painting watercolors or chilling out, Adventure is the strong, stylish, and sensory friendly accessory for all kids, all seasons.


All Grown Up

I still have mixed feelings about my OG January Moon nuggets growing into January Moon kids BUT they’re just as inspiring to me now as they were in the beginning and when I look at them, I still feel like the future is a billion shades of brightness and fun.


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