Introducing the Shapes Collection

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January Moon is all about color, but our latest collection shines a bright light on the fantastic forms that make up our world. Meet the Shapes collection!

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Shapes Are All A-round Us.

Last year, Shep had to go on “Shapes” scavenger hunt for school. I didn’t think much of it at the time and honestly, neither did he. It was late spring and the weather was just warm enough for shorts. The last thing either of us wanted to do under a perfect seventy-degree evening sky complete with pink setting sun was homework, especially not math homework. But then, Shep looked up while circling the driveway on his bike, pointed at the horizon and said “semi-circle!” as the sun dipped down to the ground.  

Next, almost at the same time, we noticed a range of shadowy rooftops in the distance and shouted, “Triangles! After that, there were trees, “MORE Triangles!” Even Delaney got in on the fun stamping her feet on our patio slab and yelling “Rectangle!” at the top of her lungs. For the next hour, everywhere we looked we would uncover another oval or square hiding in plain sight. If you look for them, amazing, angular, curious, curvy shapes are all around us, building our world into the wonder that it is.


Looking a Little Deeper

The Shapes collection aims to capture the unexpected sense of curiosity we all stumbled upon that evening and serve as a reminder to look a little deeper and closer at the forms and finer details in our environment. Admittedly, as a designer, I can get hung up on color (which is why my office looks like the paint sample wall at Home Depot), but I wanted this collection, above all else, to celebrate structure. From the angle a tree’s branches shoot from its trunk to the shape of our bathroom tiles, I found inspiration everywhere I looked and experimented with dozens of wild and wacky forms before deciding on the final two.

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Time to Tilt

The Tilt Necklace is all drama. It showcases our new bar bead which meets with two perfect spheres at a sharp, unexpected angle. I love this necklace as a day-to-day modern accessory, but it travels especially well into night, adding a little sense of theater to a monochromatic outfit.

HoneyArchTeether vert
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The Arch Way

Our Arch necklace is its opposite, a gentle, hill-shaped curve that makes me smile whenever I put it on (probably because it’s shaped like one.) The teether companion is a favorite with younger babies working on their grasping skills. It’s easy for early teethers to use and offers a variety of textures to soothe sore little gums.

HoneyTilt Hort
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Shep and Delaney still like to go hunting for shapes every so often, but to be honest, I think I’m more into it than anybody else. Even when I’m in the pre-k carline or looking out the window at the evening sun with a sink full of dirty dishes, I find myself searching, marveling over all the little pieces that make up this beautifully and perfectly designed world.


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