January Moon is TWO


You evolved from a little idea, to a dream, to an actual business with products and customers and stockists across the country. You’ve taken me to trade shows and conferences and amazing markets, at many of which, I’ve spent as much as I’ve made. You’ve brought me smiles and tears and laughter, all in incredible quantities, and I’m so, so proud. Thank you for revealing the best in me (okay, sometimes the worst), for teaching me about mothers and babies and all kinds of families, and mostly, thank you for giving me an incredible community to celebrate this special milestone with.

January Moon, how are you two years old?!

Friends, this anniversary belongs to an awful lot of people, my family, my trusty JM team, and the hundreds of mamas, papas, and babies who have taken a chance on a paci clip or necklace. There are times when running this little company feels like it all comes down to me but the reality is, I could not, would not, ever be able to do this alone. I have friends who show up to help when there are a hundred and fifty orders waiting to be filled and friends who still show up when there are zero (that’s when I need them the most), I live in a wildly creative community where I’m constantly inspired, invited to collaborate, and challenged, I have a wonderful, loyal clientele who guide me, help me to make my products better, and encourage me to keep going. This is a labor of love for me, but it wouldn’t survive unless it was fueled by your love too, I’m so thankful.

Year three will probably be filled with ups, downs, and in-betweens, with excitement, exhaustion and very cute babies. I’ll probably cry a lot, sleep a little, and go straight from coffee to wine some days, but one thing I know for sure is that I’ll be happy and endlessly grateful through all of it. I wouldn’t trade this small business roller coaster ride for anything in the world.

Cheers to two years, to big plans, small victories, and extraordinary people. Thank you for being part of the January Moon family.

XO Jenny


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A special little January Moon video from the very first photoshoot in 2016. And January Moon isn’t the only thing growing up over here, look at my babies … I mean toddlers … I mean KIDS. I swear, time went straight from crawling to flying.

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