JM Journeys: Meet Lindsey and Aure


It’s long been a dream of mine to create a blog series showcasing our beautiful families and sharing the products that have resonated most with them. You are all treasured members of this community, and it is my biggest (EVER!) pleasure to introduce you to your fellow gem, Lindsey Sherrod.

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Meet Lindsey Stewart Sherrod

Lindsey and I met years ago when she used to live in Nashville and was building her brand, Lilyan James, a line of gorgeous sustainable leather bags. Lindsey is a leader, a teacher, and someone passionate about bringing people together. She’s always up for participating in events, sharing her knowledge, and raising awareness for sustainable fashion. Not surprisingly, her depth, passion, and intentionality have translated beautifully into motherhood. 

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Lindsey Shares Her JM Journey

In 2021, she moved to Scotland and began studying at the Glasgow School of Art. Soon after the move, she and her husband Andy welcomed their first born, Aure. Here is her JM journey.

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Magic in the Scottish Highlands

Sharing the Scottish Highlands with our son was not in my plans, but neither was living there for six months. 

In 2021, I was invited to study at the Glasgow School of Art with a focus on textiles. This required spending time within the Scottish Highlands, learning about ecology, the terrain, and wool production. In 2022, I learned that I was pregnant. In 2023, when our son was a few months old we envisioned what our first overnight might look like as a family. As someone who spent much of their childhood hiking mountains in the States, I knew that sharing nature’s wonder and mystery with him at a young age could spark a lifetime of appreciation. It was time to return to the Highlands.

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Watching Aure Develop

Like new parents, we were curious about what to pack for a first trip with a baby. January Moon teethers and pacifier clips have been a staple for us since the beginning. During the trip, Aure was in the middle of a developmental phase and we were seeing his appreciation for colors and textures really come through. The Primary Arch Ring Teether was already a well-loved piece for him, but on one morning hike I saw him studying it in a new way, gently tracing all the beads with one hand while holding the teether with the other. As a mom, watching his motor skills develop has been rewarding and I am thankful that January Moon creates pieces to complement those moments where growth and independence come alive. 

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Lindsey Stewart Sherrod is a graduate of the Master of Research Programme at The Glasgow School of Art where her research focused on textile afterlife and its relation to soil regeneration. Additionally, she is a designer working with agricultural producers to support alternate cycles of textile production that maintain development from field to fabric. She lives with her husband and son in the UK

Location and Links

Kingshouse HotelGlencoe, Scotland
West Highland Way

Aure’s Clothes
Shorts – Pigeon Organics
Knee Socks – La Coqueta Kids
Wool blanket – Kaiser
Sweater – Reloved and reworn 80s vintage jumper from mom’s baby box.

For the black and white images
Romper – Dilling Wool
Pacifier – Bibs
Bonnet – Engel
Bib – Camomile London