MAD About Jewelry 2022 is a Wrap

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January Moon takes Manhattan! The MAD About Jewelry show is a wrap and Jenny is still pinching herself. She spills on everything from the design process to fighting her inner critic.

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Teething Jewelry in the Design World?

During the last several years, I’ve overcome a lot of insecurities. Not because I wanted to, but because January Moon has needed me to. I’m comfortable talking about my work (and myself!) now. I can meet people I admire without stumbling over my words. I can accept feedback graciously, even when it isn’t praise. The one thing that’s stuck around though, is imposter syndrome, wondering with every success, if I am really living up to the hype, asking myself If teething jewelry really has a place in the design world. I know now that it does and I do.

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Showing my work at the Museum of Arts and Design’s MAD About Jewelry Show was a dream come true, so totally beyond the realm of possibility that when the curator, Bryna Pomp, contacted me, I assumed she wanted to sell some necklaces in the gift shop (which of course, still totally blew my mind). She asked about the show and I honestly couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I couldn’t believe that somebody so well regarded and deeply entrenched in the art world thought I deserved a place alongside some of the best designers in the country. For so many years, I’d been telling myself JM accessories were “beautiful … for teething jewelry,” instead of just “beautiful.”


A Stretch of My Imagination

Designing for the show was nothing short of life-giving. It stretched my imagination, made me fall back in love with my materials, and opened my mind to a new kind of customer, someone who was entirely aesthetics driven. It brought me the most wonderful sense of freedom and I’m so grateful to Bryna for encouraging me to push the boundaries, think bigger, and ultimately, believe in myself a little more.

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A Whirlwind of Joy

MAD About Jewelry was a 4.5 day long whirlwind, but the community, confidence, and creative boost it gave me will last forever. To my fellow exhibitors, your talent is only rivaled by your kindness. I loved getting to know each of you and your incredible work. To the organizers, curators, and show patrons, this brilliant show changed my life. Thank you for shining a light on up and coming designers like me. Your belief means the world. To my customers, I cannot wait to show you what I’ve been working on!


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