Mayflower for Mother’s Day

Mayflower 22

Mayflower is in full bloom just in time for Mother’s Day 2023! Read all about the inspiration. 

Mayflower SQ2

The Feeling of Spring

Every year, as soon as spring arrives, I start thinking about motherhood. New life sprouts up all around us in shoots of grass, sun shines down on our shoulders, little shoes are kicked off not to be worn again until October, questions arrive about flowers, worms, birds, bugs and trees. I feel alive, hopeful, closely connected to my children and deeply grateful for the gift of nurturing them. Shep is shirtless and building things. Delaney is chirping back at the blue jays. I loved spring before, but loving it with them is life-giving. It’s a feeling I can’t name and for most of my life, never knew existed.

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Mayflower Necklace
Mayflower 11

The Wonder of Motherhood

Our latest release, Mayflower, is inspired by this feeling, by the end of winter and the abundance of spring, the hope of a new season spent together, and the wonder of a love that to me, can only be called motherhood..

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Mayflower Pinnk

Holding You Close Nashville

To the members of our JM family and Nashville community who are searching for hope right now, who are confronted with feelings of emptiness while the world fills up with color, I am thinking of you daily, holding you close, and wishing for the sun to spend extra time shining down on you.


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