Meet the Balance Collection

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Finding balance. Inspired by a summer of unexpected exploration, our latest Balance collection brings curiosity, color, and a newfound sense of serenity. Let go and learn more about our most unique designs yet.

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Settling into the New "Ab-Normal"

We’re over two months into our virtual school year down in Nashville and more than half a year into what feels like virtual reality. This virus has changed absolutely everything. We spent the summer in our camper bouncing from beautiful place to beautiful place (with plenty of car sickness and lost shoes in between) and trying to make sense out of the strange new world we were living in.

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Our Summer Adventure

We saw so much of the country (Michigan! Where have you been all my life?!) and spent so much time without wifi (hello, McDonald’s parking lots). I was out of the office and nearly out of my mind. I’ve always been a worrier and as long as I can remember there has been a constant stream of questions bouncing around in my head:

Is January Moon growing fast enough?

Are my kids watching too much TV?

Am I eating right?

Do we have enough money?

But somewhere between Tennessee and Au Train, I managed to let go. It took the world being completely out of balance for me to get back in touch with my own equilibrium.

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Finding Balance

The Balance collection is a reflection of that newfound and totally unexpected sense of freedom. It’s curious and colorful. It doesn’t abide by the usual rules of symmetry and joyfully, just goes with the flow. Mike says it looks more “me” than anything else I’ve ever created.

We’ve got modern, kid-friendly Balance Teething Necklaces for grown-ups and twisty, turny chewable Balance Pacifier Clips for littles. Everything is hand-crafted, made with the high-quality non-toxic materials we love, and perfect for teething tots and sensory kiddos to play with.

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To everyone out there struggling to balance during this time, I see you. This is not an easy time but I believe that for many of us, it can be a time of growth, reflection, and awareness. Rumi says it better than I do:

“Life is a balance between holding on and letting go.”

Sending you so much love, sweet friends. May we all discover something beautiful to embrace and something burdensome to release.


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