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It’s hard to find kid-friendly jewelry in adult-friendly colors. When Shep was only a few months old, he began systematically destroying my accessories. He could snap a necklace with a single tug and before long there were so many beads clattering to the floor that we didn’t even bother putting the vacuum away. Without knowing much about the market, I set out to find some baby jewelry hoping I would find something strong enough for him and stylish enough for me. I didn’t. Everything I saw was overtly girly and toy-ish, gaudy pastel baubles that screamed “I’m a MOM!” louder than “I’m a woman.”

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When I started designing my own teething accessories and jewelry, I wanted to make something that was unapologetically modern, that women could wear whether they had children or not, and my first thought was to make something that was entirely black, sophisticated, and ultra-wearable. If I’m being honest, I had a bit of a chip on my shoulder about the whole thing.

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I chose to work in a muted onyx color that to me, felt soft and feminine but also, commanding. I sourced non-toxic, BPA-Free silicone materials and tested out different shapes that embodied not only modern motherhood but the modern womanhood.

Charcoal is our best-seller across the board. It’s beloved by moms, dads, non-parents, and babies alike and it just goes to show you, that in an unexpected arena, black is anything but basic.

XO Jenny

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