Meet Cobalt

I’m not sure there’s a color in the world that people have more attachment to than blue, it’s the sky, the ocean, the color of our eyes and favorite jeans, a killer Joni Mitchell record, a whole genre of music all on its own! It’s no surprise that on a recent survey blue was found to be most beloved color in the world. And yes, in case you were wondering, I like it best too.

Cobalt Teething Clip + Bib Pacifier Set

Because of its popularity and my own undeniable love, a blue necklace in the collection was an inevitability, but I wanted this color story to be a little bit different, I wanted to create something that was unabashedly, electrifyingly blue, as blue as blue could possibly be. So, against all odds, I hit the history books.

Cobalt Pacifier Clip
Cobalt Signature Teething Necklace
Cobalt Teething Keychain

The Cobalt colorway is was inspired by some of the very earliest blue pigments ever used in dyeing and design: ultramarine, Egyptian blue, azurite and of course, cobalt. I had so much fun excavating these pure, punchy old school colors and putting them together in a very modern, new school way. I learned a lot, I used up most of my data, and was humbled to be reminded that fashion has been around as long as we have.

You can find Cobalt across our entire non-toxic, kid-friendly line. The bright colors make it a great choice for babies seeking sensory stimulation or a reliable piece of teething jewelry, and it looks great dressed up at dinner or down at the park. Oh, and if you haven’t guessed already, Cobalt is almost everybody’s favorite.

XO Jenny

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