Meet Dewdrop

Like Spring, Dewdrop was born from a desire to show off a more sophisticated side of the typical springtime palette but with this design, I really wanted to turn the whole season on its head.

Dewdrop Teething Clip + Bib Pacifier

The color progression came to me when Shep and I were puddle jumping in the park. I was singing the little song “April showers bring May flowers” and I realized that those gorgeous, energetic April showers are hardly ever represented when it comes to design. As I watched him kicking up dead grass and moss in his little blue slicker with smile on his face, I knew I’d found the perfect inspiration. I was going to do springtime like it’d never been done before: asymmetric, contemporary, and FUN in all caps!

I used wheat colored non-toxic beads as my base to give those worn-out winter grasses that always seem to hang around a little too long, the little moment they deserve, and I just kept building onto it with layers with olive green, blush, and bright robin’s egg blue. The form ended up being something entirely new for me, I just let myself have fun with the bead shapes and it ended up being a perfect, wild illustration of an afternoon at the park with my Shep. The Dewdrop Necklaces and Pacifier Clips are all kid-friendly, modern, and perfectly playful and just like the women who wear it, it always makes a splash!

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