Meet Moonlight

The very first words of the January Moon story were written by the light of the moon. It was 2013, Shephard was teething, nocturnal, and completely miserable, even by baby standards. I sat up with him at night, all night, for weeks, keeping my delirious, sleep-deprived brain busy dreaming up jewelry designs.

Moonlight Mini Pacifier Clip
Moonlight Keepsake Teething Necklace

It should have been terrible, exhausting, and frustrating ordeal, but somehow, it wasn’t. When Shep and I would sit and rock and shush at 3am, the moon shone through the window and held us in the most magical, perfect, peaceful light and reminded me that everything was going to turn out okay, the baby would sleep one day, I would get a chance to design jewelry again, and faithfully, through all of it, the sun would continue to set at the end of the day and reveal that round, radiant moon. White and bright with graceful, feminine curves, Moonlight is my ode to the peace that found us in those early crazy days as mother and son.

Moonlight Pacifier Teething Clip + Sand Bibs Pacifier
Moonlight Teething Bracelet

I created custom non-toxic beads in bone white, ivory, and pebble to evoke a sense of strength and serenity and chose to use soft shapes that mimicked the arcs of light that wrapped us up so gently on those never-ending nights. Of course, it’s kid-friendly, safety tested as teething jewelry and made with premium materials, and it’s available across the entire line from our Teething Bracelets to our Signature and Keepsake Teething Necklaces. My hope is that this design brings a little extra light and love to all the women who wear it.

XO Jenny

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