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When you grow up on the craggy California coast, it’s impossible not to have the landscape imprint on you. My childhood memories play out against a dramatic backdrop of cliff and gunmetal grey Pacific beaches and one my favorite things is bringing my own family back to the same places I used to play so that they can make memories of their own there.

Pewter Signature Teething Necklace

The Pewter colorway was all about capturing just a little bit of that rugged rocky landscape I could carry with me and share with you. I designed beads in multi-dimensional greys to mimic the gradient rock formations that rise out of the ocean and implemented some new texturing elements like speckling and marbling to bring the material to life. The shapes I’ve chosen to use are a little bit more unexpected, more jarring perhaps, than in some of my other designs and to create something that’s modern but also, a little bit primitive.

Pewter Teething Bracelet
Pewter Teething Clip + Bib Pacifier
Pewter Pacifier Teething Clips

We all know how much babies love putting rocks in their mouth so of course, but don’t panic, like all of our designs, our Pewter Teething Pacifier Clips, Necklaces, Bracelets, and Keychains are all kid-friendly, non-toxic and approved for use as teething jewelry. Rock on, little ones!

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