Meet Rose

When it comes to botanical design trends the rose is often left out to wilt. It can be seen as a little old fashioned, maybe even a little cheesy, but I wholeheartedly disagree with this grumpy line of thinking. When I look at a rose, I see a many layered, modern masterpiece. When I look at a rose, I see the Guggenheim of the garden!

NEW Rose Mini Pacifier Teething Clip + Blush Bib Pacifier

To give Rose the contemporary design update she so wholeheartedly deserves, I used beads in raspberry red, scarlet, bubble gum, and cherry blossom pink, a more nuanced approach to the traditional flaming hot red that you normally see her in. As far as shape and texture go, I wanted to tell a form story as much as a color story, so I stared with oblong beads to mimic tightly bundled buds then opened the design up using shapes that became progressively more spherical and blossom-like.

NEW Rose Pacifier Clip and Fork + Spoon Feeding Set
NEW Rose Mini Pacifier Teething Clip
NEW Rose Pacifier Teething Clip

Even with an update, Rose is still a rose. She sells best around Valentine’s Day and is a perfect gift to give an expectant mama in February in lieu of a busy bouquet (trust me, she’ll have plenty to take care of soon) or, to any woman who likes flowers without all the fuss.

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