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The first time I drove across the desert, I was moving from California to Nashville. I was terrified (of course), excited (of course), and I felt like I was embarking on the greatest adventure of my life. Turns out, I was right! As I drove across the Southwest through Cali, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, I saw landscapes I’d only ever imagined, towering mesas, rolling thistles, fat barrel-shaped cactuses, and dry river beds, and I’ve always wanted to make myself the souvenir I forgot to pick up on the way.

Saddle Keepsake Teething Necklace
Saddle Teething Clip + Bib Pacifier
Saddle Teething Bracelet

Saddle is a dusty, earthy, textured tribute to the desert. I used olive greens, marbled taupe, leather browns, and a touch of rust to mimic the otherworldly terrain and worked in a few unexpected, more angular shapes I’d never even used before. The Saddle Teething Collection is non-toxic, kid friendly, and available as a Necklace, Bracelet, Pacifier Clip and Keychain. Hot gift tip, it’s more masculine palette makes it the ultimate dad-friendly choice for teething accessories.

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Saddle Teething Collection