Meet Spring

Meet the Spring Collection Colorway

Spring isn’t all Easter eggs and pastel church dresses, it’s a time of great disruption, radical change, and struggle in nature. I’ve always been fascinated to watch the world go from barren to blooming, but when it comes to art, fashion, and design, my favorite seasonal shift can get a really bad rap.

Meet the Spring Collection Colorway

Through the commercialization of the holidays and our honest to god enthusiasm for baby animals peeping away in their nests, spring has become a bit of a cutesy pink blob, tulips, tiny yellow ducks, gingham, and of course, loads of bunnies. When I sat down to design the Spring Keepsake and Signature Necklaces, I wanted to do something unexpected and illustrate the season as I saw it, green shoots popping out from underneath solid rock, tightly wrapped buds on trees, a world that doesn’t soften, but slowly and with great effort, transforms.

Meet the Spring Collection Colorway

Using marbled grey beads in dramatic shapes flanked by butter and olive and shades of pink, the Spring colorway shows the slow evolution of the world from cold to warm and is a favorite of babies, mothers, and any woman who appreciates an earthier, more modern approach to the springtime palette.

Available across our entire kid-friendly and non-toxic line, Spring is a perfect choice for an unexpected touch of color all year round.

XO Jenny

Meet the Spring Collection Colorway

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