Meet the Holiday 2019 Collection

Every year, despite the fact that I’ve cleared my calendar, planned the meals and put on the carols, I always find myself with a full plate around the holidays. Whether I’m making another twinkle light run, decorating one last batch of cookies, or running out to Target in my pajamas on December 24th to pick up yet another stocking stuffer, I seem to jump from calm to chaos about fifty times between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. But that’s just the holidays! There’s a yin and yang vibe between all the cozy and the crazy that has me feeling full-hearted and frantic all at once. So whether you’re relaxing by the yule log channel or ripping through wrapping paper right now, I hope our Holiday Collection will help make your spirits bright!

Introducing Holiday 2019

For our Holiday 2019 collection, I had two very important missions:

1) Capture that wonderful sense of contrast and

2) Make holiday shopping EASY for mamas like me who struggle to put their feet up and hang by the fire, even when they want to.

I’m so excited to introduce you to our newest limited-edition products!

Modern Holiday Ornament Trio

Holiday Ornament Trio

My kids get excited about ornaments. No, they get flat out rowdy about them. First, there was the year that Shep pulled the ENTIRE tree down, glass ornaments and all. Then, there was the year that Delaney stashed all the doll-like figurines in her purse. Since having kids, our Christmas trees have become progressively more naked, save for a few very terrified ornaments clinging to the top.

This year, I wanted to make something safe enough for the whole family to enjoy—no wires, glass, or blinking lights. They’re made with non-toxic, kid and pet-friendly materials so even the littlest member of your crew can help trim the tree. To capture that sense of contrast, I went ultra-traditional with the color palette for the Classic Holiday Ornament design and went with a funkier color combo for the Modern Holiday Ornament design.

Slate and Glacier Bolo Teething Necklace

Bolo Teething Necklaces

There is NOTHING like a country Christmas and this year I really wanted to pay homage to winter in the South. We don’t get much snow here but most mornings I wake up to the most gorgeous frost hanging in the air, covering the rooftops, and making the city streets sparkle. It’s really breathtaking and I figured there couldn’t be a better way to express my love for Nashville than with a bolo. Also, I adore them. Bolos are super wearable, fun to fiddle with, and a blast to collect (I have 30!)

Slate and Glacier perfectly embody the frosty glow I love so much about this season.

Slate Feeding Set
Glacier Feeding Set

Feeding Sets

Of course, I had to let littles in on the fun too, so for a limited time, you can find Slate and Glacier in our feeding line as well. There’s nothing sweeter than seeing a baby’s reaction to the shimmering wintery world and I wanted to bring that sense of wonder to the holiday dinner table. Who knows?! it might even make that pea puree seem a bit more magical!

Modern Holiday Pacifier Clip
Classic Holiday Pacifier Clip

Holiday Pacifier Clips

Adults aren’t the only ones that feel the contrast around Christmas time. The holidays can be really sweet and really stressful for little ones too. There can be travel, late nights, missed naps, and lots of new people to meet and I wanted to make a heavy-duty accessory that could keep up with those precious pacis through all the calamity.

Inspired by vintage Christmas lights, our Holiday Clips are bright, cheerful, and really, really good at putting even the grouchiest Grinch-let in a good mood. Littles love the big, textured beads and the modified length (between our mini and regular) makes a great pick for babes of all ages and we have both Modern or Classic Holiday colors to choose from.

Peace to You and Yours!

Mamas, papas, and pals… I can’t believe I’m about to say this but, “Happy Holidays!” Somehow, they’re already here. May your days be merry and bright — and your nights, silent!

XO Jenny

Founder | Designer | Wine Expert | Problem Solver at January Moon Wife to Mike | Mom to Shep and Delaney at Home