Meet the Mamas: Caitlin and Carron


This year we wanted to celebrate the special relationship between new mamas and their mamas so we sat down with one of our very favorite mother-daughter duos to discuss the changing nature of parenthood. Meet Caitlin Shirock, mom to Geo (7 months), master modern monogram-ess at Cash Color, and all-round awesome human, and meet the amazing woman who raised her, Carron!


Meet the Mamas: Caitlin and Carron

What is you favorite piece of advice that you’ve gotten from your mom?

Caitlin: To communicate. And to do it with the right tone of voice. Not a bratty one 😉 It has helped every relationship and my Mom taught me that when I was probably 10 years old. I was having a hard time with a friend. I was really troubled and my feelings were upset. She told me “you have to tell her how you feel. And do it in a nice tone because she won’t respond well if you sound bratty.” 🙂 Been trying my best to do that ever since!

Carron: Take care of your body – fruits and vegetables always at her house.  And to take care of your house – cleanliness is next to Godliness.


What advice would you give to a new mom?

Caitlin: Embrace the change and journal when you can. Jot down, real quick, even its just bullet points, all the little changes that you notice about baby AND yourself. We all know the time flies so just trying to journal once a week (or so) helps you process it all. It will help you to say in touch with your own self (very important) and also helps remember all those sweet, little details that you might not have later on! Take walks, take pictures, Breathe deeply. Stay connected to your spouse, and laugh.

Carron: Must have date nights.  Must take care of your relationship with your spouse.  Take care of yourself. Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Tell your children how much you love them everyday and show them your love by your kind and caring actions. Enjoy this time – it is amazing!!  Relax & Rest.


What is the biggest difference in motherhood now and when you were a new mom?

Carron: I feel like this generation has more rules. Swaddling, babies only on backs, car seats facing the rear of the car, no bumpers in crib, making your own food, no juice only water, organic food and clothes. White noise machine.


What is the best thing about being a new mom? And what has totally shocked you?

The best thing is just looking at him and then seeing him smile. It’s my favorite thing in the world. And the hardest thing is worrying about him getting bullied or hurt in the future. But hey! Trusting the process and praying helps! 🙂

One thing that hasn’t wavered through the generations is the strength of a mother’s love. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas, grandmas, and great grands and a very special HMD to Caitlin and Carron.

XO Jenny


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