New To The Family

Spring decided to bloom a little bit earlier than usual here, and I feel partly responsible. I’ve been praying for this season and the new life it brings for what feels like forever. The pink magnolias are out, the robins are scrambling to finish their nests, and a few optimistic (and very pale) Nashvillians have already ditched their jeans for shorts. I love springtime. Even when it comes in the winter. 

I’m so happy to announce, as I sit here in the sun soaking up the smell of blooms come too early, that I have a sweet baby girl in my belly! I imagine she is listening along with me to every chirp and rustling leaf on this beautiful day.

Family comes to some people easily, for others it does not. Mike and I have been together for 9 years, and much of that time has been spent wishing and waiting for a family, trudging up and down a path that left us tired, numb, and confused. We watched our friends have babies and then we watched them have even more babies, our hearts singing and sinking at the same time. 

Motherhood begins long before a child arrives. It begins with the hope of family, a hope that sometimes has to sustain us for a very long time. I’ve been wearing these teething necklaces of mine for over three years in hopes that one day, I would have another slobbery baby who could share them with me. I cannot believe that day is almost here. 

Since we’re already celebrating things wonderful, bright, and new, I have even more good news for you: the January Moon bracelet series is here! I’d like to introduce you to our bracelet series: a single striking bead set on the strongest cord. I am so excited to see your babies (and mine) sinking their teeth into our strong and striking collection of wristwear.


Jenny Luckett