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Today, I am thrilled to announce that our little tribe is growing again: January Moon is now a Babyccino boutique!

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Big News Over Here

“I sustain myself with the love of family.” Maya Angelou

Big news over here: Sheppy has graduated to a big boy bed, which means he has spent most nights since the transition rolling around in ours. He creeps into our room around 2am, wiggles his way between us, and drifts peacefully off to sleep while I am left wide awake, staring at the ceiling and fighting my way back onto the pillow. This extra close proximity we’ve been enjoying has had me thinking a lot about family.


One of the greatest gifts starting this business has given to me is my remarkable January Moon family.

I feel like almost daily, this project welcomes a new brilliant and wonderful person into my life: customers, engineers, retail partners, babies (!), all kinds of folk who offer me inspiration and make my work possible. Today, I am thrilled to announce that our little tribe is growing again: January Moon is now a Babyccino boutique!

My love affair with Courtney, Emilie, and Esther’s cosmopolitan family and lifestyle site began ages ago. Babyccino is the ultimate web destination for design-minded, modern parents and there is no greater honor for me as an artist than having my work embraced by those whom I have long admired. I am SO excited! Aside from introducing their readers to striking, singular upmarket brands, Babyccino has a positively addictive blog and excellent city guides for you and your globetrotting littles. Get ready to spend a lot of time lusting away at their Instagram.

I love watching our little community grow. Like Maya says, family truly is sustaining. Thank you so much for being a part of mine!


P.S. – If you happen to be strolling your way around Los Angeles this April, we’ll be participating in one of Babyccino’s expertly curated FREE ShopUp events along with several other amazing boutique brands. Please pop by and see us for a hug and a peek at the goods! Here are the details:

The Springs: 608 Mateo Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021

Sunday, April 23rd 2017, 12pm-6pm
Monday, April 24th 2017, 10am-5pm

XO Jenny


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