On Summer Time


After a hundred missed alarms, hastily stuffed backpacks, last minute launderings of the school uniform, and handheld breakfast, summer break is finally here. Phew. I don’t know how we made it.


Big Schedules

Before Pre-K, our approach to family life was pretty breezy, maybe we’d make it to school on Monday or maybe we’d camp for three more nights. Things are different now. For the first time this year, our little Shep had a big schedule all of his own. He had places to go and people to see and it was a bit of a rude awakening for his rather sentimental parents who had gotten kind of used to calling the shots and being the center of his universe. He has his own friends now, his own interests and even though it’s in the smallest of ways, I can see my boy carving out his own life independent from ours. It hurts my heart and makes me proud all at the same time. Even Delaney Bee at TWO (!!!!) is starting to take her very first, very spunky steps towards independence. When did it all start going so quickly?


I can’t stop time but I can find the stillness to appreciate it as it goes by.

So this June, I’ll be on summer break too. It’s been a big year of learning and change for all us and in this hot sticky season, I’ve decided to slow down, let time melt a little bit (along with everything else) and spend some much-needed quality time reconnecting with my littles. I’m going to say “yes” to popsicles before noon, let them run through the sprinkler buck naked, and let those naps become optional for a little bit. We’re going to go on a big, loud five-day family camping trip to California and probably scare off most of the wildlife. We’re going to cry and we’re going to laugh.


I wasn’t always able to let go and unwind.

There was a time when I didn’t ever really think I’d be able to, but as my kids grow, change, and get older, I notice myself doing the same. The truth is, they’re shaping me probably as much, maybe more, than I’m shaping them and I like who they’re helping me become. The more time we get together, the more I learn, the more I notice in the world around me, the more gratitude I gain for who they are and who we are. Life is busy and often, taking time away feels like I luxury I can’t afford. The reality is though, I can’t afford not to take it. It’s worth it and it enriches me in every possible way.


So, we’re officially on “summer time.” If you ever find yourself wondering what Jenny Luckett of January Moon is feeding her kids, you can assume the answer is hot dogs. If you wonder when I put them to bed last night, assume it was an hour too late. This time is valuable and even though my kids will be out of school, sleeping in, and eating pop tarts, they’ll still be learning and they’ll still be busy teaching me.

XO Jenny


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