Baby’s First Press: We’re In PNM, y’all!


I started reading Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine approximately five minutes after I found out I was pregnant with my son Shep. I was a devoted reader from the earliest nauseous tummy turns of trimester uno, through the first kicks in the ribs, to Shep’s chaotic arrival and colicky aftermath.

Even as he’s grown from a baby to a toddler to an almost-kid, I’ve still find myself leafing through the pages of Pregnancy and Newborn whether I’m in the OBGYN’s office or the magazine aisle at the grocery store. It’s good reading, whether your baby is in your dreams, your belly, or all grown up!

I’m so thrilled to share that January Moon is featured in this issue of the magazine. Thank you to Pregnancy and Newborn, for sharing our Cobalt Signature Teething Necklace with your readers and for alllll of the advice you’ve given me too!