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Small but sophisticated, our Mini Pacifier Clip is a bite-sized version of our best seller

Mini Clips are finally here! Read all about Jenny’s layette version of our best-selling pacifier clip and about balancing your baby’s complex needs for sensory stimulation and soothing.


When you’re a new baby, every waking moment is an exploration and whether it’s finding your toes, the smell of your mom in a packed room, or the fuzz on the skin of a peach, there’s always something wonderful just waiting to be discovered.

One of the best parts of spending my days at the Getalong is that I get to meet bunches of precious, just-arrived humans and watch the thoughtful, joyful ways in which they wake up to the world that surrounds them. There’s so much to take in and if I remember correctly from the early days (and late nights) with Shep and Delaney, that line between sensory satisfaction and total overload is a fine one. A sweet little customer cooing and sending me gassy smiles at the store, might very well become someone a little less angelic when the witching hour rolls around.

This Mini Clip is made specifically for babies under six months.

From too big, too intense toys to a bedtime routine that begins just a few minutes late, earth-side life can be overwhelming for a new kid and for months, I’ve been working on something special for the littlest of the littles that addresses their complex needs for both soothing and stimulation. I’m so happy to announce that it’s finally here!

Mini Pacifier Clips

The Mini Clip is a bite-sized version of our best-selling chewable pacifier clip made specifically for babies under six months. It features smaller beads perfectly sized for fine and oral motor manipulation and comes in a range of eight softer, layette-ready colors. The Mini Clip is shorter in length than our original, making it easier for babies (and parents) to keep tabs on that beloved pacifier and also, to find support during the very first days of teething.

 Being a baby isn’t always easy, but with a little help from our Mini Clip it can be easier!

XO Jenny


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Mini Pacifier Clips

Dandelion Mini Pacifier Clip

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Mini Pacifier Clips

Honey Mini Pacifier Clip

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