Ten Meaningful Moments From 2019


Taking an inventory of the last 365 days feels impossible. It’s been a joyful, terrifying, wonderful, fast-moving blur but I’ve loved (almost) every minute of. As I’ve watched the things in my life that were once so, so little become not so little, I’ve learned an epic ton. While the kids are occupied, I thought I’d share some of the biggest, most transformative moments and revelations from 2019.

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And just like that, with new toys still waiting to be wrapped and a never-ending holiday prep list glaring at me next to my computer, another year comes to a close. 2019 has been a doozy for me. My babies aren’t babies anymore and neither is January Moon. Sitting in this exact same spot on the sofa last year, soaking up the every bit of holiday magic, I remember closing my eyes and hoping for growth. Boy oh boy, did the universe deliver! On all fronts.

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No. 1 – Shep Started Kindergarten

Our start to the school year wasn’t as simple as a sweet backpack pic on the stoop. We struggled. We cried. We lay awake at night wondering if he was really ready. He was. But us? Not so much. Shep came home at the end of the day with big questions about the world, his own collection of stories from the day, and HOMEWORK. Every event/social scenario/academic challenge that I agonized over, he took in stride. I realized (with a bit of a broken heart) that the little boy who always seemed to need his mama, didn’t need her quite so much anymore.

No. 2 – We Celebrated 11 Years

For some reason, I thought Mike and I would just stop counting anniversaries after ten years, but we didn’t. Every year with him still feels so special and momentous to me, maybe more so now than in the early days where you celebrate the first time you go to Taco Bell as a couple or do a crossword together. Life doesn’t get easier, but loving and living life with him is the purest most natural thing in the world to me. I’m so thankful to have a love that continues to grow along with everything else.


No. 3 – Delaney Turned TWO

No More Babies! Oof. I’m honestly not quite sure whether this one is a win or woe. Delaney Bee turned TWO. She’s sassy, confident, ready to use the potty, and taking absolutely no prisoners in life. Everyone in our house can walk. We can eat the same food (we can but we often won’t). In an instant, the baby steps gave way to big leaps. And, if I’m honest, the speed in which all of this happened caught me off guard.



No. 4 – Nordstrom x Maisonette Pop In

I know this is going to sound a little ridiculous but seeing our Honey Pacifier Clip on display for Maisonette at the Grove location was when I finally realized January Moon was an actual business. The Pop-In took JM to Nordstrom stores all across the country (and to Canada!) and every time someone shared a picture of our products on those hallowed shelves, I cried like a baby.


No. 5 – I Found My Team

I’d always envisioned a bunch of hilarious fellow mamas and incredible women on the JM team but I didn’t think it would come together so wonderfully or so soon. The JM family welcomed lots of new faces this year, from business managers to fellow female artisans, and I’ve honestly never been more excited to go to work. They keep me sane, they support me, and they all love Olive Garden as much as I do. Let’s hear it for the girls!

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No. 6 – JM Feeding and JM Sensory Collections Launched

The Feeding Collection was our first (but not our last!) attempt to create real synergy within our product line. After a spaghetti covered Delaney dropped her fork for the eighteenth time, I realized that all it would take to make the utensils compatible with the Paci Clip was a simple hole. I can’t speak for our customers, but my floor has never been cleaner!

My January Moon dream has never been limited to teething accessories for babies. I have always wanted to include a line of chewable jewelry and fidget accessories for older children and adults with sensory needs. Nothing has been more rewarding to me than launching the Sensory Collection and helping children with anxiety, autism, and sensory processing disorder (like my Sheppy) find comfort.

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No. 7 – We Opened The Getalong

2019 was not the right time to open a brick and mortar store — but we did it anyway! Along with my lovely friends Jennifer, of Scout Baby, and Tana Smith, of Hoop House, I opened The Getalong, a space in East Nashville where families shop, play, and gather. Together, with our fantastic community partners, we sell locally-sourced products, host events, workshops, lots and lots of adorable littles!

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No. 8 – I Had My First Panic Attack

While this year brought with it lots of professional successes, it also revealed some personal shortcomings. My stress level was through the roof for most of 2019 and I struggled to manage it. There were dark circles under my eyes, I gained weight, and I started having panic attacks.

After I shipped the first Nordstrom order, I put the kids in the tub and sat down to rest. My lips went numb and my heart started beating so fast I could hardly speak. I ended up at Urgent Care convinced I was in cardiac arrest. The doctor told me it was a panic attack. I’d heard about them before, but I had no idea how terrifying they actually felt.

Since then, I’ve had lots of little aftershocks. I try to lay down and breathe through the episodes but truthfully, I’m still learning how to take care of myself. I’m hoping that in 2020, I’ll do better.

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No. 9 – I Realized I’m Not An Imposter

Anytime something amazing happened for the company in 2019 (and 2017, and 2018) I found myself first, overcome with joy, then shortly after, with fear. Aside from colorways and cute babies, not much of running January Moon feels natural to me. I constantly have to remind myself that I belong here, even though I’m still learning.

But the truth is, my lack of experience doesn’t feel like a secret I’m keeping anymore. I trust that I have the right team to make up for my short comings and my vision, creativity, and courage is what has made January Moon the dynamic, design-forward, unique company that it is.

No. 10 – I Learned to Let Go

We went away to go camping this past spring because I’d been working too much and we needed a break. By day two, I found myself driving to a Starbucks to work on a blog post while Mike and the kids were in the wilderness. I’m not proud of it. I had the team on top of things back in Nashville but couldn’t quite step away.

I’d never thought that I struggled with my priorities, but as I ordered that second latte, (wifi guilt is real!) I realized I was putting work before family. Even on our busiest day, that’s not what January Moon is about. I got into the car, drove back to the campsite, and made a promise to myself that family would always come first going forward.

My hope for 2019 was growth and in 2020, my hope is balance. This year has been incredible. My dreams have come true, my family has flourished, and my heart is full. But, I’ve also had to learn some hard lessons about self-care. My 2020 challenge is to learn how celebrate January Moon’s growth while enjoying the ride — wherever it leads me!

XO Jenny


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