Cotton Candy Sensory Bracelet

Cotton Candy Sensory Bracelet


The chewable Cotton Candy Sensory Bracelet brings sweet relief to your sensory kiddo when she needs it most. Whether she’s got first day jitters, tender gums, or needs extra input, this bracelet adds some fun to their fidget!

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Product Specs:

  • 6.5” - available in one-size for children ages 5+

  • Premium materials include: 100% non-toxic silicone, Japanese stretch rope.

  • Features components that have been safety tested for teething and sensory use.

  • Easy-to-wear, stretch designs are ideal for stacking!

  • Cleans simply, with soap and water.

  • For more information about the integrity and safety of our materials, click here

*All January Moon products are designed for responsible use by individuals over three years of age. Parental supervision required AT ALL TIMES when products are being enjoyed by babies, small children, or persons with special needs.