Dewdrop Signature Necklace

Dewdrop Signature Necklace


Celebrate motherhood in style with our Dewdrop teething necklace. Featuring modern shapes and a sophisticated seasonal palette of blush, olive, and cerulean, this chewable accessory is a striking statement piece that both moms and babies can enjoy. Handcrafted with the best quality materials, the Dewdrop teething necklace is designed to soothe tender gums, encourage bonding, and promote sensory play!

Gift Tip: The perfect gift to bring to an April shower! Spring babies will warm right up to this necklace when those teeth start sprouting.

  • 33” long

  • 100% non-toxic premium materials

  • Promotes bonding between caregivers and babies

  • Designed to encourage sensory exploration and development

  • Constructed by hand with exclusive hardware for durability and safe use

  • Easily cleans with soap and water

  • For more information about the integrity and safety of our materials, click here.

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