Rose Sensory Necklace

Rose Sensory Necklace


Having a thorny kind of day? Have no fear, our Rose Sensory Necklace is here! A great gift for any school-age kiddo with SPD, tender gums from a stubborn molar trying to come in, or anxiety. A great way to help keep life smelling (and feeling!) sweet.

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Product Specs:

  • 22” long

  • Premium materials include: 100% non-toxic silicone, Japanese rope, 24k gold

  • Exclusive January Moon safety breakaway clasp to promote safe usage

  • Easily cleans with soap and water

  • For more information about the integrity and safety of our materials, click here

*All January Moon products are designed for responsible use by individuals over three years of age. Parental supervision required AT ALL TIMES when products are being enjoyed by babies, small children, or persons with special needs.