Spruce Signature Necklace

Spruce Signature Necklace


Spruce is an evergreen that likes to do things differently. Inspired by bristly branches of viridian, teal, and aqua, our necklace presents a picture of the spruce that is easy on mama’s eyes and baby’s gums.

Gift Tip: Our spruced up take on those traditional baby boy blues, this necklace makes the sweetest gift for a momma with a little boy on the way.

  • 33” long

  • 100% non-toxic premium materials

  • Promotes bonding between caregivers and babies

  • Designed to encourage sensory exploration and development

  • Constructed by hand with exclusive hardware for durability and safe use

  • Easily cleans with soap and water

  • For more information about the integrity and safety of our materials, click here.

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